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Glam god?

Who is watching Glam God on VH1?  What the fuck is wrong with Vivica Fox’s face?  She looks like a Chinese Madam.  Why did she even mess with her face like that?  She hasn’t been right since Two Can Play That Game, but we digress.  Back to Glam God.

Hollywood has actually paid attention to the first two episodes and is not impressed.  How are you a stylist, yet have no sense of style?  I was pulling for Tiger Lily, but she fucked up tonight, too.  This broad was supposed to style an up and coming actress for the red carpet; sort of like her coming out appearance.  Why did she put her in a basic black dress with red pumps and a red handbag like it was 2006 and Yung Joc was still relevant?  It’s not that damn hard to style a nobody for the red carpet, but she couldn’t even do THAT right@@

Hollywood and Vine’s sources say that Glam God producers weren’t exactly interested in finding the most talented, undiscovered stylists in the game.  As per the usual in reality tv, they were more interested in finding a bunch of over the top, dramatic, clowns with a few actual stylists sprinkled in for good measure.  One man was basically in charge of casting the stylists, but had no damn style himself.

Vivica really shouldn’t be so hard up for money and attention now that she’s dating that rich, old unattractive ass David Caruso.  It’s not a good look!

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Comments on: "Glam god?" (5)

  1. She really could have gotten a better looking boy-friend!

  2. Vixen is actually the fugitive Heidimarie Schntzer, David Caruso’s stalker who has threatened to kill him and members of his immediate family (including 2-1/2 year old Marquez).

    David Caruso is not bad looking -he is actually refreshingly different (to me) from all the brunets and blah blond actors out there. The red hair and steely blue eyes, along witht he enchanting freckles and generally slim, aristocratic build makes for a yummy guy to watch. His show is crap, true, but he is not so bad.

    Vivica, on the other hand, looks and acts ridiculous. I cannot imagine what – if the rumor holds water – David would see in her that would attract him to her. Yuck.

  3. I’m still pulling for Tigerlily! The challenges are NOT very challenging, but at the very least she’s gorgeous, she has great style and is so easy on the eye.

  4. …now that she’s dating that rich, old unattractive ass David Caruso….

    I am sure Vivica could have done better – datingwise and re: the show.

  5. Pete, you’re right. The challenges are not very challenging. That is precisely why there is no excuse for these “stylists” to not bring it every time!

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