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Just like a sucka ass white woman, Kim Zolciak of the Real Housewives of Atlanta is trying Lisa Hartwell in the court of public opinion.  Kim and her whack ass attorney, wearing some George Jetson sunglasses lookin’ like a cast-off from Survivor, gave a “press conference”!  This bitch broke out her cell phone to play a voice message where Lisa let that ass know she is “not the one”!!  They made it seem like Lisa threatened to slit her damn throat or something.  Whinin’ ass ho!  A REAL threat would have sounded something like “bitch, I’ll whoop your muthafuckin’ ass talkin’ shit about my family…you don’t know me like that”.  Just a guess… 

Hollywood and Vine gained a little more respect for Lisa after hearing her come at Kim directly.  FINALLY, she is keepin’ it real.  It shouldn’t have taken this white bitch punking you and telling your business (albeit lies) for it to happen, but better late than never! 

Hollywood and Vine don’t condone violence, but damnit if anyone deserves an ass whoopin’, it’s this tramp.  Don’t think we didn’t notice her chicken comment on Tuesday night.  We hope Kim never forgets that karma is a bitch…just like her!

Do ya’ll think Kim is making something out of nothing?  Let Hollywood and Vine know!

In a minute…


Comments on: "Lisa Hartwell is NOT the one…" (7)

  1. I think Kim is putting waaayyyy to much on it. The worse she said was you need to talk to me before I see you. Which to me means answer the phone do your explaining. It was not enough for a lawsuit or an attorney. Lisa needs to file a claim against Kim for slander. I like Lisa and I think she didn’t plan on Sheree running back and telling Kim about NeNe because, nobody knew Kim had licked Sheree’s ass so much that they had become so callled friends.

  2. @ Tanya – We agree. Kim is typical! Lisa should definitely file a countersuit against this trash. Instead of wasting money on an attorney, Kim would like to save it now that she don’t have Big Papa’s pockets at her disposal!

  3. OK, I thought that I was the only one who caught the “Chicken” comment. Yes, this is a black woman wanna be. Notice the comments made to Sheree about her skin tone….and giving her the finger at the botox clinic. Many a true word spoken in Jest!

  4. danielle Jamison said:

    I saw a sneak-peak at the reunion show and kim was crying about her having cancer! what I would like to know is How tha fuck you have cancer bitch and you still smoking let me know

  5. @Danielle – Hollywood and Vine want to know the same shit! Kim has to be one of the dumbest broads ever to be on a reality show!

  6. i feel like kim is just trying to get tv time by making something out of nothing and did you see her on the bonnie hunt show. talking about some people are trying to kill her so she got those shiny ass gold shoes with the spikes on them for those people. i feel like kim was trying to act like she is all down with the cause but instead she’s just showing what a scary ass little girl does and thats run off at the mouth and not being able to stand by what she disses out. and the bitch no she is not making no damn cd if she can sing then you know what i guess look out for my cd next year.

  7. La Tania said:

    Lisa Wu Hartwell started nothing but mess on the last season of Housewives of Atlanta.So Karma is a bitch.I hope Lisa learn her lesson.Kim have the right too say what ever the fuck she want.Lisa shut the fuck up please.Lisa can’t talk about nobody because she was on crack for year just like Withney Houston.Who told Kim about what NeNe said about her it was Lisa.First she told Sheree then Sheree told Kim.Then Lisa told Kim.On the Reality Show Reunion Lisa was kissing NeNe ass because of the mess she made.

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