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Daily Wrap Up: 11.14.08

From time to time, Hollywood and Vine like to call out the dumb shit that we read on other blogs!  Today is one of those days.  According to one popular blog, NeNe Leakes from the Real Housewives of Atlanta and her husband, Gregg, are broke and have been evicted from their home in Duluth, GA. 

Are they fucking serious?  First of all, the court documents name ‘Greg Leakes’ as the Defendant.  NeNe’s husband is Gregg Leakes with two Gs, not one!  Secondly, the man works in real estate.  Do these fools actually believe that he would allow himself to get evicted from shit and fuck with his professional integrity in the process?  Third of all, they talk shit about the house being rented in the first place and not owned.

Let Hollywood and Vine play devil’s advocate for a minute.  If, in fact, they rented the house, who the fuck cares.  If we were doing a reality show where a bunch of nosey ass niggas like them were digging up documents and publishing our home address on the internet for the world to see, we would rent our shit, too!  Damn fools!

In a minute…

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