Where Reality Meets Rhapsody

Hollywood and Vine don’t give a fuck if this shit is real or fake…it’s funny as hell!  The only thing wrong with this clip is that it’s too short.  NeNe and Kim‘s trashy ass go at it! 

Did ya’ll see how DeShawn sat as far away from those broads as possible.  After all, she has an image to uphold, just “AXE” her!  Sheree‘s fake ass sat there and watched while Kim’s old lookin’ ass tried to jump bad with NeNe.  And why is this bitch still wearing her engagement ring from Big Papa when she claims she broke up with him?  We wish these muthafuckas would get their stories straight!  Lisa is the only one who looked refreshed and well rested and she has 10 fucking jobs!

In a minute…

Comments on: "Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Preview" (3)

  1. htownsfinest said:

    That was so funny. When does the reunion air? When NeNe said she would work that wig off Kim’s head or whatever, I almost died! Where did Kim this courage calling NeNe a bitch to her face?

  2. souljourneys622323 said:

    Did you see Deshawn’s do………..now that was hilarious….I guess that was the first thing to go from the show perks was the stylist and i think Kim’s Makeup Artist has been on strike all season……are these real sistahs or do they have Atlanta PD backstage cause Kim was using the B word too liberally.

  3. @souljourneys – Uh, we didn’t wanna say it, but what the fuck was up with DeShawn’s wig? Good god almighty she looked like the hair salon in her basement went into out of business! They’re real sistas, but they have too much to lose by whoopin’ this white bitch’s ass on national tv. Couldn’t been us though!!

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