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Grab somethin’ to drank and get comfy because we’re going to be a minute after tonight’s finale!!

Sheree, WHY are your face and your neck two totally different colors?  It’s not that fucking hard.  Take your ass to a damn make-up counter at Lenox and get the right fucking foundation for your skin tone.  That shit annoys the fuck out of us every week, but we digress.  This bitch said that something is wrong with NeNe because she has to pull other people down to make herself look better.  But in the next breath this fake ass broad says that NeNe is ignorant and she does not hang around ignorant people.  Correct us if we’re wrong, but wasn’t that putting NeNe down to make herself look better?  And Sheree sweetie, if you’re going to call someone else ignorant, Hollywood and Vine suggest that you first understand the difference between “ask” and “axe”.  Sheree, if you “axe” somebody, then your wrong color foundation wearing ass would be in jail.  Whew, Sheree is a muthafucka ain’t she…naming her damn son Kairo with a “K”!  She’s as bad as Kim’s K-A-T spellin’ ass.

There are so many words that come to mind when thinking about Kim Zolciak, but after tonight’s show the ones that stick out the most are…BAD WIG!  Who told this bitch it was cute to have a platinum blond wig and her dyed blond hair in the front with her dark roots showing?  You’re walking around with a 3 carat canary yellow diamond ring on and writin’ checks for $68,000, but you can’t match up the color of your wig to your real muthafuckin’ hair?  Raggedy ass bitch!  This 2 dolla hoe had the NERVE to say that NeNe looks like a drag queen??  Has she looked in the mirror lately.  Shit, say what you want, but NeNe looked like her body used to be tough a few years ago!  Kim really threw her kids into the mix to keep from going toe to toe with NeNe at the dinner didn’t she?  She’s such a good mother.  So good that she smokes cigarettes right in front of her children.  Nothing like passing down lung cancer and heart disease to your offspring.  Speaking of passing down, did Hollywood and Vine hear Kim right?  Did she really say that her voice is a “God given talent”?  Someone with tivo or dvr tell us that we heard her wrong because that ‘voice’ ain’t got shit to do with God!  Not ONE thing!  But before we move on to Lisa, we would be wrong if we didn’t acknowledge the mockery that Kim made of some poor designer’s creation!  She looked like one of the Mary Jane Girls!  Hustler wouldn’t even let her pose for them looking like that!  Lookin’ like Owen Wilson with a bad wig on. 

Lisa was wrong for a few things tonight.  One, why is she constantly lying to Kim telling her how beautiful she looks and shit?  No, she did not look good!  Keep it real with this bitch.  False encouragement like that is why this bitch thinks singing is her God given talent.  Two, laughing at Kim’s ‘NeNe is a drag queen’ comment was wrong.  Come on now Lisa.  If you’re so above the drama, then you shouldn’t have even been a part of that shit, let alone laughing at NeNe!  That was fucked up, period!  Now, Lisa has been a groupie, we mean married, for long enough to know that NFL contracts are not guaranteed.  WHY would you announce to everyone that your man was picked up by the Raiders before this nigga even stepped on the field at training camp?  She had to have known better than that!  We can’t imagine how fucking embarrassed Ed‘s ass must be now that everyone knows he got cut from the team!  Hollywood and Vine think that Lisa did that shit on purpose…sort of like a controlling man in a relationship!  Break down his self esteem so you can keep that man under your thumb!  And did ya’ll hear her say that she wanted to “prepare” a toast for her husband?  Ummm, boo, the time to ‘prepare’  a toast is before you leave the house.  Standing in front of a room full of people with a glass in your hand would be the time to ‘propose’ a toast!  Lastly, Lisa, you need to stop trying to make grown ass muthafuckas be friends!  Everybody can’t be friends – she’s lucky that it didn’t go down at dinner with all the kids there!  Stop trying to play peacemaker and mind your damn business!  

Again, Hollywood and Vine find it hard to say anything but positives about DeShawn.  We thought she and Eric were cute tonight; still respectful and in love.  If only she’d stop talking through her teeth.  We’re just sayin’…We’re very glad that they prepared for when his career and “conTRACK”  came to an end!

Last but certainly not least is our girl, NeNe!  We love this bitch!  Yeah, NeNe is ghetto and loud as fuck, but at least she is herself!  How can you not respect that?  She didn’t let her son act a fool (other than that Nike earring) when it came to getting his first car.  She sounded like a normal mom wanting her baby to be in something safe.  We’re glad she called Kim out at the dinner; she deserved it!  Gregg Leakes is one of the coolest old niggas on Earth!  Ed seemed to be really listening to his words of wisdom.  Not Eric’s ass LOL!  Eric was lookin’ like ‘is this old muthafucka for real’!! 

This season finale was anticlimactic because the real shit is going down next week during the reunion special!  Until then, let Hollywood and Vine know your thoughts on the finale.

In a minute…

Comments on: "Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season Finale Wrap-Up" (9)

  1. htownsfinest said:

    You guys are crazy but on point with this. I felt so bad for Ed just thinking about how crunchy he must feel now lol. Lisa might be a businesswoman, but she has no common sense.

  2. townbizness said:

    Thank u Htownsfinest…Lisa is a dingbat! She didn’t want Ed going to Oakland anyway! FUCK KIM AND SHEREE. Them 2 bottom of the barrel bitches need a serious reality check! I have nothing but love for NeNe and Deshawn!

  3. Here are my thoughts: I love NeNe! She’s the realest one of them all. She says what she means and means what she says. One thing that NeNe did though, that I didn’t like was, Why did she try to act like she wasn’t talking about Kim with that song in the limo when everyone knows she was? I mean, she had already told Kim to her face that she was WHACK so why the faking? Keep it ALL THE WAY REAL! Deshawn is a sweetheart. She does seem clueless at times and it irritates the hell out of me that she won’t open her mouth when she talks but other than that, she seems to try to keep the peace between the bitches! Lisa…. I kinda like Lisa. Even though she blew me when she went back and told about NeNe’s song AND she found it funny when Kim and Sheree were talking about NeNe (but didn’t tell that), she, like Deshawn, for the most part, tried to stay neutral through all the drama. Now, for these bitches, Sheree and Kim. What the Fuck?!? Who the fuck do Sheree think she is? Always turning her fucking nose up like she’s better than the next person, BITCH, WHO R U?!? Walking around like she the shit, BITCH PLEASE, she look like a man. I thought she should’ve been on stage with those drag queens she and her hairstylist went to see. And how real is she? Why didn’t she keep it real with Kim and let her know she sound like some shit? Fake ass Bitch! Stop buying all that Ferragamo and get them kids what they need, a hairdo and some braces! Now Kim, that weak ass bitch! The real reason she didn’t want to confront NeNe about what was going on was because she didn’t want to get punched in her damn mouth! Instead, she crawled so far up Sheree’s ass that she got shit all on her roots. Get off her dick! And it looks like Sheree don’t really fuck with Kim anyway if she still sitting when NeNe and Lisa diggin’ in Kim’s shit. NeNe wouldn’t have let it go down like that. But Sheree is who she wants as her friend?!? And Kim, I don’t think your God given talent is your voice honey, I think its your “head-game”! Kim and Sheree need to get it together! By the way, is Lisa the only housewife with an income????

  4. Oh and I forgot one thing: What the hell is wrong with the edges of Deshawn’s hair?!? Why doesn’t her stylist tell her to stop pulling her hair back?!? Her shit is ate up! And whoever is doing her hair just keeps slapping gel on it like that makes it look better! No boo-boo, you need to do something about that!

  5. @ TeeMarie – You’re hilarious. We did notice NeNe doing a little backpeddling, as well. We dislike Kim and Sheree so much that we let it slide LOL! And LOL @ her head game!!! Preach.

  6. @ TeeMarie – Damnit we were trying NOT to talk shit about DeShawn LMAO! Then you had to bring up the baby hairs. She needs a middle or side part and a swooping bang LMAO!

  7. DAMN I FEEL SO BAD FOR ALL THE WOMEN WHO DEDICATED THEIR LIVES TO THIS SHOW.. what are you guys going to do until they get a season 2 or one of the women..my guess being KIM get a spinoff from the show…LOL..I hated this show..Now i can watch my desperate housewives in peace and keep up with Lynette, Gabby, Edy, and the Wisteria Lane gang 🙂

  8. @mswanda – What are we gonna do? We’re gonna watch the Real Housewives of OC new season starting Tuesday LMAO!

  9. souljourneys622323 said:

    This is the funniest thing I read in awhile. How true, how true. I had to do a marathon viewing to catch up on this show…but it was worth the entertainment. I mean these ladies were funny. NeNe was my favorite too, but I could do without all that blinking and eye stretching, she kinda reminded me of a mature NY from Flavor of Love or a confused tourist in Times Square, but she is the shit. Her husband Greg too funny in that hat and very supportive, everyone spoke about Deshawn and Eric but NeNe and Greg did their thing as a positive representation of love too! Lisa, is alright. I mean once you get her to throw her gold pick and shovel down she comes across as okay. She was wrong the entire season though for playing the peacemaker role. She reminded me of the friend who runs to get you in the club and then bounces when the shit goes down. I thought that was f’ed up for ED too! He is just happy to be there….she put the WUWU on him. Deshawn, it wasn’t just the talking through the teeth, it was her grammar, enunciation, delivery, airheadedness. She is sweet but I couldn’t live with her. She has the potential to be annoying. Did it seem like Eric was tripping off of them secretly the whole show? Sheree…..scorned is the best description for her. Irreconcilable differences is that code for this is a frigid bitch and I got needs from Bob. She by Sheree…that name alone is hilarious, the sketches were bullshit and no SHE did not know what she was doing. She said Atlanta looks to her for fashion she is alright but I have not seen anything phenomenal this whole show except the names they hollered out like they had Torret’s Syndrome. She is so manly, her arms and neck are crazy….some say that is hot…but at the end of the day a man likes some cushion. She is evil though but karma bit her at that show didn’t it. Was the gay hairdresser the funniest part of the show? He was hilarious. Kim…I am tired of blogging about that wigwam. She is ridiculous. She looked a HAM on every show and who told her she looked cute in those vests? You remember Madam from Solid Gold…telling my age but if not Google it you will trip at the resemblance. Big Poppa…treated her like just what she was a hooker…he forgot to leave the money on the stand the last time though….can we say return line at Bloomie’s. Now that was some low budget shit. LOL!

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