Where Reality Meets Rhapsody

Britney Spears performed Circus on Good Morning America this morning and that’s exactly what it was…a damn 3 ring circus!  WHY is this bitch still gettin’ plug?  If her name were Shaniqua Spears or LaShonda Spears, she wouldn’t have gotten one MTV Award after that fiasco a couple years ago and she damn sure wouldn’t have been asked to Good Morning America!

We all know the heffa can’t sing, but at least the bitch used to could dance.  Now, she can’t even fucking do that shit right!  So what’s the point.  She looked like she had to take two steps back to prepare for that kick didn’t she?  Just a pathetic attempt to swindle ya’lls muthafuckin’ money.  Don’t buy this shit.  Let Britney Spears fade away into VH1 Where Are They Now obscurity!

In a minute…


Comments on: "Lawd-a-Mercy…Britney Spears on GMA" (1)

  1. htownsfinest said:

    LOL! I agree with all of that. How do you go from dancing from the time you can walk to that? She looked a complete mess on GMA!

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