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OJ, They Finally Gotcha!

Associated Press
Associated Press


They finally got OJ Simpson‘s stupid, black ass where they want him…behind bars!  Today, the Juice was sentenced to AT LEAST 15 years after he and his dumb ass friends got caught on tape in a Las Vegas hotel armed robbery! 

H&V do not feel sorry for this nigga!  You are a famous black man who got off on the murders of a blond, white woman and her white lover!  Sit your ass down somewhere and be thankful that you ain’t up under a jail somewhere hangin with the Mean Machine’s cheerleaders!  What does this nigga do?  He runs around with more, young, white bitches – beats them up, always causin a scene and now this!  How do you go to Vegas and not know that your ass in on tape?  That’s what he gets.

Don’t get it twisted.  That “at least 15 years” bullshit is just some leeway so that the courts can fuck with OJ’s ass!  He’ll be eligible for parole in 9 years, but we all know he’ll be denied!  We hate to say it, but OJ ain’t leaving jail until his family lays him to rest!  Please believe it!

In a minute…

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