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Have ya’ll heard about this bullshit?  A young, black college student was home visiting his family in Kansas on a break from school.  He bought a pair of shoes at Journeys, a department store inside a mall in Overland Park, KS.  He later found the same pair of shoes at a different store for a lesser amount.  Obviously, he bought them there and returned the first pair to Journeys. 

What he saw on his return receipt later on that night is fucking mind blowing!  The “reason for return” that the employee chose FROM THE SYSTEM was “Dumb Nigger”!  No, this shit is not a joke.  This department store, Journeys, actually has Dumb Nigger programmed into their system as a reason for a return! 

Hollywood & Vineare not too surprised, but we’re still a little speechless…a little!  We don’t live in Kansas and we don’t shop at Journeys.  However, we hope that all of our readers in Kansas and anywhere else this piece of shit store is located will never spend another dolla in there ever again!  Click here to watch the video and tell us what you think! 

In a minute…

Comments on: "Racial Slur Printed on Receipt" (5)

  1. Bullsh** yall cant be for real are you serious! Thats some fuxx up ish. Man im really started to get pissed at all the recent blatant racism in the air

  2. Mswanda – can you believe this crazy shit? Had there been no video footage, we wouldn’t have believed it. Blatant racism is right!

  3. hillarious —- and so true

  4. to the moron who said they would spend their “dollars “elsewhere -duh there is a reason they have the saying “dumb nigger ” in the computer system—cause you all dont have any money

  5. We thought we’d allow Drew’s ignorant ass comments. Let us know if you want his email address or where he’s located LMAO!

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