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Beyonce vs. The Jackson Klan

Beyonce Cover

Hollywood & Vine hadn’t planned to discuss this Beyonce vs. Janet foolishness, but since nobody understands what Bey was saying, we gotta help out.

During an interview for the January 2009 issue of Elle Magazine, this is what Beyonce had to say:

“I grew up upper class. Private school. My dad had a Jaguar. We’re African-American and we work together as a family, so people assume we’re like The Jacksons. But I didn’t have parents using me to get out of a bad situation.”

Now fools have taken the above and called it Beyonce talkin shit about Janet.  H&V don’t agree.  We know the truth hurts, but Bey was on point in her statement.  Everyone who halfway knows about the Jackson 5 knows that Joe’s crazy ass worked those boys like dogs and used them to get the family up outta Gary, Indiana.  She didn’t say anything about Janet.  Now, word is that Janet is all pissy and plans to confront Bey next time she sees her.  If that’s the case, Janet should put that energy toward accepting that her career is over! 

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Comments on: "Beyonce vs. The Jackson Klan" (3)

  1. htownsfinest said:

    Gotta agree H&V. Bey was just being honest. Deal with it.

  2. souljourneys622323 said:

    This is not meant to be offensive but hey I’m going to be me…..

    I hope this isn’t a stan relationship reaction to Bey’s comment. She is an idiot as proven in all of her interviews in which she punctuates everything with “It was so amazing” in that back woods, country bumpkin voice which translates to dumb. I am really over Mrs. Carter. Big Daddy Knowles worked her just as hard to get them (as a family) somewhere (too bad it still did not work for the statistic Solange), plus people in the projects push Jags and go to private school depending on the level of hustle and the order of priorities, so that is not middle class. I think the statement was flip and disrespectful. I want to know why everyone is playin’ super save a star for Bey? She made a fucked up comment and needs to deal with the fallout, whether it was true or not, it offended, that’s the end of it . Janet can get mad about it and confront her or whoop her azz if she wants. Who cares? I hate to drink from the hater cup but I am sick to death of this. Bey is Hot but the stans take it too far. I am tickled at how Janet’s previous fans have turned on her for swagger jackin’ Sasha…at least diss her for an original.

  3. @souljourneys – You didn’t offend us! You made some good points. We just don’t agree with all of them. We damn sure aren’t dick ridin’ Beyonce! We just think in this case she was right.

    As for Janet, we still love her, but at this point it does look like her music career will bounce back. That’s not turning on her, it’s just the reality as of today!
    Regardless, thanks for your input!

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