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Bravo started the episode off with a bang!  Greedy Gretchen’s 4.7 carat diamond engagement ring arrived in the mail.  Big Daddy’s upgrade put him back $65,000.00.  We ain’t mad at her because the ring was beautiful.  But did anyone else notice that in one breath she was talking about how she was praying that the bone marrow transplant cured Jeff‘s cancer and in the very next breath she was like OMG LOOK AT MY RING?  His daughter Jill was looking like my daddy bought this bitch a car for her finger and I have to live in fucking Michigan!  We’d be pissed, too!

Moving on to Lynne and her daughter Alexa, her boyfriend Randy was coming over.  Lynne is still in denial that her 15 year old looked like a slut in her dress last week.  Randy wasn’t confused, he was trying to help her ass out.  This broad has had 3 “serious relationships” at the age of 15?  Lynne said she can’t control her daughter.  WHAT THE FUCK?  You can’t control your daughter?  You don’t want her to have a boyfriend, but she doesn’t feel good about herself without one?  How did she even fix her fucking mouth to say this shit?  Your daughter don’t pay rent, bills or buy groceries!  Therefore, YOU CONTROL HER, period!  And these parents wonder why their daughters end up tramps by the age of 18! 

Jeanna and her ex-husband, Gary, got together for lunch.  We love this bitch!  She just keeps it real.  Gary is much better than Matt’s crazy ass.  But by the sounds of all the “ex-wives” talk, Gary is a hound dog!

Tamra sent an email to Gretchen apologizing for being a judgmental ass bitch!  H&V ain’t buyin it.  Tamra is one fake, jealous ass broad! 

It was normal and quiet as hell without Vicki’s WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO hollerin ass there at the St. Regis while the ladies were hat shopping!  She is so fucking annoying.

Vicki’s son Michael and his bitchy ass girlfriend bug the shit out of his.  Talkin shit like that about Jeana.  Jeana did what all good parents do.  When young people have 2 or more cars at the house while their parents are away, they are gonna get a call!  Michael’s freeloadin ass girlfriend has nerve talkin about a grown muthafucka who could buy and sell her trashy ass! 

Laurie and Tamra ggot together for lunch!  We don’t know which one is the lesser of two evils.  God they look a mess.  Those nappy as tracks and age spots and shit!  Tamra is ridiculous talkin about how she hates the cattiness of the group, but it’s hard not to get caught up in it when they’re all together.  That’s bullshit!  Jeana has been there since day one and she doesn’t act like that.  These self-righteous bitches can work a damn nerve!

Meanwhile at the Del Mar race track, almost all of them looked a hot ass mess.  Lynne is so obsessed with looking young.  Well, a young bitch would know to suck in her damn stomach!  Vicki looked like she was going to lunch after church service.  Jeana looked like there were birds living in a nest on her hat.  Kara looked a damn fool.  Tamra’s husband Simon looked like he was dressed up as a gangster for Halloween.  Greedy Gretchen was killin em and so was Tamra.  Donn looked good to us, too! 

Tamra and Vicki were hella rude to Lynne.  There was no need to treat her like that.  These grown ass women are acting like fucking teenagers. 

Vicki needs to stop disrespecting Donn like that.  He’s going to fuck around and leave her muthafuckin ass!  Why would you say some shit like that to your husband? 

It looks like next week Greedy Gretchen is going to put herself out there a bit too far!  I hope she didn’t do some shit she’ll regret with Tamra’s gay son!

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Comments on: "Real Housewives of OC Wrap-Up: 1.6.09" (4)

  1. souljourneys622323 said:

    I totally agree with everything here, but if I may let me add that Lauri looks like a blond Steve Tyler with all that work she’s been putting in at the Plastic Surgeon’s office.

  2. @souljourneys – You ain’t lyin! It’s hard to look at her ass at this point. She needs to quit.

  3. Yikes. American morals and American culture are dissolving into a hell of cheap thrills and stab-you-in-your-back friendships.
    Tamra’s dinner party was disgusting. I would have thrown Gretchen out. And sent Ryan to his room. They were each behaving like spoiled brats and made the evening dreadful for everyone. Tamra tried to put on a really nice dinner party, but these two idiots ruined it. It was so disgusting and embarrassing. If I had been a guest, I would have left. All these folks are superficial. The only one I can stand is Jeanna. She is calm, nice to people, intelligent. Yea for Jeanna. There is hope for Orange County. And what’s with handing a teenager who just turned 18 and has no driver’s license a brand new BMW ? Bad move. Wake up people. !!

  4. @ Sally – Yeah Gretchen and Ryan were out of control, but where’s the blame for Tamra instigating like a bored child? Her happiness at seeing Gretchen embarrass herself was as disgusting as Gretchen flirty with Ryan. We agree w/the other stuff you said though.

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