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Photo Source: Essence.com

Recently, DeShawn Snow broke the news to Essence.com that Bravo will not be bringing her back for Season 2 of the Real Housewives Atlanta!  

Snow said she didn’t even see it coming, especially since she had just spoken to a show producers last month and they acted like all was well.  Of course they did!

According to NeNe Leakes’ interview with momlogic.com “she wanted to be a part of the show.  Production decided they weren’t going to option her for the second season.  I think the reason…is that she wasn’t as outgoing or talkative as we were.  We’re drama queens and to roll with us, you’ve got to be a drama queen”.  As much as Hollywood & Vine love NeNe, we don’t think that’s the reason at all!  First of all, NeNe knows that she and Lisa were both tight with DeShawn.  She was never a drama queen, but ya’ll loved her anyway!

DeShawn didn’t act a fool!  She didn’t know the difference between an Estate Manager and a housekeeper and she talked through her damn teeth, but she wasn’t ignorant acting.  The reunion was the icing on the cake.  She was like shit, I’m a human being, I fell down a few times on the show, but I got back up, learned from it and kept that shit moving.  That is not how Bravo wants to see a black woman acting on TV.  They want to see us acting like NeNe, Lisa [Wu Hartwell] and Sheree [Whitfield]…always keeping up some shit.  Granted, NeNe is funny as fuck and she keeps it real, but she’s still ghetto actin.  They’d rather remove DeShawn and put one more black bitch on there who’s going to act like a stereotypical black woman who has never had shit before in her life.  We can’t hate on them on a business level, but as H&V we think Bravo is really fucked up!  DeShawn is an accurate representation of some black women in America.  How are they going to get rid of the only actual housewife on the show?  This is ridiculous. 

If you’re as pissed off as us, write a letter to Bravo!  H&V should have the most accurate information for ya’ll by the end of the day!  Until then, tell us your thoughts.

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Comments on: "DeShawn Snow, You’re Fired…" (2)

  1. Deshawn was very professional and acted like a wife and mother. I really hate she’s not coming back. NeNe is straight up but very GHETTO!! AND Shree is so sorry. This woman thinks her shit don’t stink. She needs to get a life, she if an attractive woman but she ain’t all of that. She was all dressed up and her little girl hair looked a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Dehawn, I will miss watching you. You are the only one that really had it going on, Sweetheart you are a REAL HOUSEWIFE.

    Lisa is ok but messy and she lie a lot. Kim was telling the truth, Lisa came back and told everything was said in the Limo. NeNe was merely having fun.

    Kim was two faced, that’s all I have to say about Kim.

  2. the baddest said:

    I am utterly disgusted with Bravo! Why would they kick off THE only actual (by celebrity standards) housewife on the damn show!!? DeShawn held herself in a positive light and was a class act. God-fearing, educated, humanitarian, AND papered out. Why is Bravo casting her off as a bore when she represents plenty women. BOOOOOOO Bravo! You het the middle finger. If anyone should have been kicked off, it should’ve been Kim’s punk ass!! That piece of trash doesn’t even have a husband…last I checked you needed one of those to be a houseWIFE. Get it…

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