Where Reality Meets Rhapsody

Hollywood & Vine would like to thank one of our loyal readers for the funny shit she sent us this morning! 

It seems that we are not the only ones out there whose sugar meter goes ape shit when Shane Keough is on the screen!  Here’s what Wikipedia said about Shane prior to some asshole editing the good shit out:

“It appears as if he may have taken performance enhancement drugs prior to the last baseball season.  This combined with his latent homosexuality only furthers his chances of being cut from this team.”

We just want to point out that A) we BEEN sayin that Shane is gay!  Why would a good looking, grown ass man be a virgin?  We could see if he were raised in a religious household, but he wasn’t.  We think that he’s just not attracted to women so he didn’t bother to fuck with them…literally!  Now whether or not he’s had a session with a man is something we don’t know.  We’re guessing being on a little league baseball team and his mom being on TV has thrown a monkey wrench in that shit!  B) his alleged steroid use could explain how the fuck he talked to Jeana last night without even blinking!  His ass sounded fucking crazy last night! 

H&V are just glad we got to see the good shit before it was deleted.

Remember, if you have any tips or information you wanna share with H&V, email us at hollywoodandvineblog@gmail.com.

In a minute…

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