Where Reality Meets Rhapsody

Today’s episode started with Ray asleep with Cashmere and Unique aka “don’t forget the lyrics” on the living room floor.  Fully clothed and innocent.  But Danger started hatin already.  We ain’t even 2 minutes into the damn show yet.  They love to keep up some shit.

Poor Stacks is on the phone with her dad.  He has cancer and is going through chemo.  I feel bad for Stacks and her family, but why in the hell is she fucking around with a reality tv show while her father is this damn ill?  That’s just crazy!

Moving on…Ray has the broads about to fight each other!  All the pretty bitches were lookin nervous as shit!  The uglier people like Lil Hood weren’t trippin. 

Wait a minute, did Danger just have the nerve to call Unique FAT?  Maybe that tattoo on her face is fuckin up her eye sight cuz Danger’s ass needs to lay off the biscuits her damn self. 

First up, Lil Hood and FeistyFeisty was gettin her cat fight on till Lil Hood pushed her to the ground.  Not much boxing going on, but Feisty ultimately did her thing better!

Unique, Stacks and Cashmere decided not to fight!  Brilliant move Unique.  She played the shit off like they wanna maintain being ladies, but really she didn’t want that crazy bitch Danger fuckin her up!

Thankfully Stacks had enough sense to go home and be with her family.  All the girls were hella cool and compassionate…all but Danger!  This bitch is crazy.  She said Stacks is “an evil bitch”.  Please!  Stacks couldn’t hurt a fly. 

Ray took the broads who won (and whinin ass Feisty) out to dinner at Les DeuxLil Hood is always bitchin about Ray spendin time with the other chicks.  Why doesn’t she know that she ain’t a contender?  Whoa, she just threw the pussy at him!  Like, an underhanded toss from 3 feet away to make sure he could catch it!  Nasty ass groupie bitch!

Lord, please let Ray send Lil Hood home today!  I can’t take this fake bitch no more. 

Ray is mad at Unique because she wouldn’t get in the ring and let VH1 exploit her black ass??  He’s a fucking clown.  If anything, he should respect that she ain’t the one to do whatever just to impress a man!  When did that shit become a bad quality? 

These are the tattoo haven-est bitches ain’t they?  Dayum!

I think Lil Hood is fucking bi-polar.  For real, she ain’t right mentally.  She packed her shit, with help from Go-Go Dancer, and got ready to leave the house…but not before she cussed out Ray J.  She told him basically that she was there for him.  He said “well I ain’t here for you”.  That shit was funny!  But it set her crazy ass off though.  She started in with the name callin and shit.  You know why Lil Hood is really pissed?  She’s pissed because she feels like shit, I’m the only white woman here and I got this shit on lock!  When he didn’t pay her ass any attention, she flipped the fuck out.  On top of that, the bitch is referring to herself in the 3rd person….like most crazy people do!

Ray J, the word you were lookin for was respectfully, not respectably!  This is why Hollywood won’t watch this bullshit!

All this means that nobody is gettin eliminated today! 

Next week Stacks calls the house to dish about one of the other broads who was on a reality tv show before…who will it be?

In a minute…

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