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Fuck Jason Mesnick!

Hollywood & Vine blogged after the season premiere of The Bachelor with alleged nice guy Jason Mesnick.  His ass was boring as shit, so we didn’t bother the rest of the season….until tonight!

We are mad as hell tonight!  This muthafucka made the biggest bitch move we’ve ever seen on reality tv!  He fucking tells his fiancee on national tv that he doesn’t wanna be with her anymore and that he still has feelings for that hot ass mess, Molly??!!  WHAT? 

There shoulda been some serious furniture movin goin on tonight, but Melissa is too fuckin sweet to act a fool like we would have.  At least she called Jason a “bastard”.  That was the least this asshole deserved!

How does anyone have the fucking nerve to not break off an engagement in private vs. on national fucking tv?  Melissa deserved better than that.  He should be ashamed of himself for doing this punk shit!  We seriously want to knock him the fuck out!

You’d think that after all the bullshit he’s been through that he wouldn’t treat another muthafucka this way!  But no, he is just another piece of shit, bullshit ass man.  OF COURSE the chemistry changed with Melissa cuz your ass was walkin around with a hard one for Molly!

Then he has more fucking nerve to walk around the stage like his ass is all torn up inside and shit!  Son of a bitch!

Now Molly’s dumbass took him back.

No, Jason, you don’t JUST follow your heart at the expense of other fucking human beings!  What you did is one of the most appalling, cruel things that coulda been done to another person.  We hope no bitch does some shit like this to your damn son when he gets older!

Karma is a bitch, Jason, just like you!  Hollywood & Vine will absolutely NEVER watch this bullshit again!  ABC should be ashamed for exploiting poor Melissa like that! 

Melissa, hold your head up girl!  You are cute, sweet and sincere.  REAL men will be lined up to take you out AND put a ring on your finger that THEY paid for (not ABC)! 

Did ya’ll watch this bullshit?  Thoughts?

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Comments on: "Fuck Jason Mesnick!" (2)

  1. htownsfinest said:

    H&V, you two pretty much said it all for me. Speechless! What an ass he is, but Molly is the bigger ass for looking desperate to have any old man!

  2. H&V summed it up! I haven’t watched this show since Trista & Ryan waaayyy back, but when I heard on the radio is was going to be ‘the most dramatic’ finale ever I of course had to tune in! I can’t blame the man for listening to his heart, but come on…on national TV.

    The whole season was wierd, there both 24/25 and drooling over a man thats 31, divorced and with a son. The bitches need to run while they can!

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