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Diddy Speaks…

Diddy was on Ellen this week and you know she had to ask about Chris,  Rihanna and why Diddy’s crazy ass put them up at Casa de Combs!  H&V might be crazy our damn selves, but we can read between the lines.  Diddy said exactly what the hell we reported in the first place…that this ain’t the first time either of them hit each other! 

Ya’ll can say what you want, but H&V think people should be talkin’ about bitcheswomen physically abusing men as much as men beatin’ women.  Both wrong…both should stop!

And thank you Diddy for lettin’ Ellen know that Number 1, it’s your damn house and you can do what the fuck you want with it!

In a minute…

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Comments on: "Diddy Speaks…" (1)

  1. htownsfinest said:

    Good point ya’ll! Everybody keeps talking about “this is a teachable moment” for young people. Well teach them that putting hands on someone is wrong whether you’re a girl or a guy!

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