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Earlier this week Nick Cannon announced that he’s Mr. Chairman.  That’s right; Cannon is now the youngest television Chairman in history!  According to his blog:

I’m runnin thangs!! This was my announcement, I am now the youngest Television Chairman aka CEO in television history! That’s right; they gave your boy his own network. I’m getting my Oprah on. But my focus is the young folkz!! I am in charge of the new Teen network that is going to take the game by storm! New shows, new feel, real fresh!! This is a dream come true, I have been in the Viacom family for over a decade and now to be an executive is truly a blessing! It’s full circle, I am allowed to flex my business muscle. It’s a game changer!!!! Thanks for all you’re the love and support!!!

Now, will all you ignorant know nothin’ muthafuckas stop callin’ this man Mr. Carey?  Hollywood & Vine don’t understand that shit other than people just hatin’!  Nick was chipped up long before he met or married Mariah Carey.


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Comments on: "Nick Cannon Gettin’ His Mogul On…" (10)

  1. I love Nick Cannon, don’t get me wrong, BUT I am just going to say this, Mariah Carey was the best thing that EVER happened to his career. He would have never got to host the PRESIDENT’s Inaugural Ball without that wedding ring on his finger—same goes for hosting America’s Got Talent, this new Nickelodeon gig. Love the guy and so happy for him, and I am happy Mariah has been able to explode his career.

  2. @Jake You’re definitely entitled to that. We just don’t agree LOL. As he said, he’s been associated with Viacom for over 10 yrs. Viacom controls MTV, The-N and Nickelodeon. They already gave him a gigantic multi-project production deal a few years ago (before Mariah). Why not make him the CEO of a network that focuses on the demographic he’s BEEN pulling in for them with his other MTV & Nick shows?

    And there were tons of Inaugural Balls. He was the MC/DJ for one of many. Come on now Jake lol.

  3. One More Thing... said:

    @Jack I think you have things a little twisted. Had it not been for NICK, Mariah would not have been at the inaugural ball. When have you known her to participate in such events? Nick has more influence in the industry then you think. And Mariah is no dummy. She knew what she was doing when she married the youngin!

  4. One More Thing... said:


    @ “Jake”

  5. ilooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove u nick u r rock

  6. i like to be a friend of cannon because i love him

  7. i love you cannon please answer me

  8. i love you nick cannon

  9. nick cannon is so hot on wildout

  10. Are you married???? I Love your show wildn out

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