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Candy Girls: Episode 4

Okay where should I start this week?  Danielle and that 2 ton weave or her cute, hoodrat best friend/assistant.  Who did these broads seduce to get this show!!!! 


I like Brooke.  She seems real cool and down to earth.  I also like Terricka.  Yes, she is a little rough around the edges but the bitch is about her money, period dot!  For example, Olivia rides this high horse but she drives a Jetta!  Terricka has a 5Series BMW.  Yeah, this is a bit shallow but these broads are video hoes! 


I don’t know who told Keysha she could run anything but her mouth!  She is the typical I’m too cute to care ass broad!  I wouldn’t be on anyone’s set for $150 either! 

From the few episodes I have seen, I am convinced that this is just a cover up for a Hip Hop Whore House!


…Hollywood…in a minute



Comments on: "Candy Girls: Episode 4" (1)

  1. “Hip hop whore house.” Love it. What’s the difference between a slut and a whore? A slut gives it away for free. This applies to media whores, most journalists, most politicians and all lawyers as well.

    I actually tivo’d 2 episodes and then watched for the first time over the weekend. I saw that you guys cover this show and I was interested when I saw that The Dream video shoot was in one. I’m so addicted to “Rockin that Thang,” I need a shrink, but whatever.

    This is the problem with the show. The one in charge (Danielle?) is way too reasonable and professional. When she dresses down the girl who drinks on set I thought, “cool boss. I would have fired that drunken bitch by e-mail, no text.”

    But overall I agree with you here. Where’s all the money at? 150 to 700 dollars per day per girl? Doesn’t add up when you know that they can’t book gigs daily or even weekly. Guess acting and modeling just really sucks financially until you’re a big name.

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