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Candy Girls: Episode 5

This shit was boring last night.  April and her imaginary on again off again love affair with Tyson. If Tyson Beckford asked George W. Bush to marry him, old Dubya woulda legalized gay marriage.  She can’t fool me into thinking she is the reason they are not together.  Ya’ll had a kid!  It happens all day every day!  Having a kid does not equal a relationship these days.

Poor dumb as rocks Olivia.  You know damn well you were all up on J. Holiday.  Don’t get mad and storm out the room when Brooke and Terricka put you on blast!  Karim knows what goes down at them industry parties!  You are no different than any other video extra!

…Hollywood…in a minute

Comments on: "Candy Girls: Episode 5" (4)

  1. what is this chick terrika problem? her and brook look like two big black men

  2. QTwidaBooT said:

    i live in germany so the itunes store doesn’t let me purchase episodes!!

    does anybody know where i can get episodes 3+?! i’m so in love with this tv show!!

    please sent me an e-mail if anybody knows:


  3. mark sanchez said:

    Idk but brooke is sexy and I want to f*** her with my big 7 in. Penis.

  4. @Mark – if you had a 7 inch dick, you’d be either fucking right now or dealing with all the bitches calling you wantin’ to fuck! – Vine

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