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After all these years of talk about Kelly Rowland being Matthew Knowles illegitimate daughter, this nigga done finally responded.  We guess after Russell Simmons puts you on blast about it, you kinda have to at that point.

Sergeant Knowles contacted Media Takeout saying that basically it’s sad people are spreading “rumors” about Kelly being his daughter. 

Well we don’t give a fuck what he said!  Matthew, you ARE the father!  Seriously though, Russell Simmons is the most prominent thing in urban music.  He knows every damn body.  Like he don’t know the real. 

And if that ain’t proof enough, Beyonce tellin’ Kelly all those terrible songs on her terrible albums were good is proof positive that Bey had to get her back just a little bit for being the product of her daddy’s love affair wit Kelly’s mama! 

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Comments on: "Matthew Knowles, you ARE the father…allegedly!" (8)

  1. WTF? Or should I phrase that Whiskey Tango Foxtrot out of respect for the Sergeant’s service to our country. I had no idea this was even in the wind.

    I read somewhere that Jay-Z and Beyonce pulled in something like 200 million last year. And Kelly gets to work with the creme de la creme of music, of that’s right. She gets to write her own shit and the “real” daughter gets all the hot new writers and producers.

    Plus Simmons is not only connected, he’s a serious businessman. He’d never stir the shit stew like this out in the open unless there was a moral imperative for going on the record. Sad, Kelly seems like a real class act.

  2. Yes girl! It’s been out there for years, but Russell was the only one with balls enough to say the shit!

    “She gets to write her own shit and the “real” daughter gets all the hot new writers and producers.” EXACTLY! We love Bey, but it killed us everytime Kelly said she consulted Bey about new music and she told her it was hot! Kelly ain’t put out shit hot. We love her, too, but she ain’t!

    Why did the rest of the members of “Girl Time” (their first group) stay at home with their parents and come to the Knowles house for rehearsal EXCEPT Kelly? Why did she need to live there? What kind of parent with a job gives their kid away to another family just cuz of the kid’s involvement wit a singin’ group? Come on now! We think she gave Kelly to her daddy to live!

  3. FilterQueen said:

    More important question…why has Bey been lookin so, well um, MJ-esque lately? Is it just me who has noticed?

  4. Has she really? LMAO! I haven’t paid much attention to her lately, but I do appreciate the visual. – Vine

  5. Lil Kim is the one looking more like Michael Jackson everyday….just sayin’.

  6. Doesn’t Lil Kim look bad? She’s doing her thing on DWTS, but damnit if she don’t look like a totally different person! WHY did she do that to herself?

  7. Ya’ll think she’s bleaching?

  8. Hell yeah, Jen! Kim spent that Junior Mafia/Biggie wrote my raps when he was livin’ money on plastic surgery and skin bleaching!

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