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Ya’ll know that Candy and Tori Spelling are still at it!  Not that nosey bitches like us don’t enjoy watching this train wreck, but damnit stop airing your fucking dirty laundry! 

Even though Ms. Candy said in her recent open letter to Tori that she didn’t want to speak via through the press, that’s exactly what she’s doing.  Bitch posted a letter to her child on her website.  She’s a cold piece of work ain’t she?

Team Tori!  A lot of people think Tori was actin’ like a spoiled brat cuz she only got chump change from Mommy Dearest when her dad passed away…NOT US!  Candy knows she was wrong for giving Tori a few hundred thousand dollars when Aaron died.  That was his baby girl.  He wanted her taken care of.  Then she had the nerve to fuck around wit his friend before the man even took his last damn breath…allegedly?!!  Triflin’! 

This is nothing more than Candy tryna pump up her book sales, period!

…in a minute


Comments on: "More Spelling Dirty Laundry…" (1)

  1. I’m totally in agreement here on the money. I’m shocked too at the settlement. If they raised a whiney little bitch princess then that’s what they did. Didn’t we get the Umpa Lumpa message, or nanny 911, it’s the parents not the kids stupid.

    I don’t understand what would move a mother to do this heinous shit. I agree that she’s trying to pump up the sales, but the woman has a couple hundred million dollars. What the fuck is going on here? Just write a check that way the grandkids might have a decent house, education and maybe some security so they don’t get fucking kidnapped by some stupid random degenerate.

    I can’t explain this any which way. There’s something really serious that went down because the woman has been holding out on the kid for years now. If it was some kind of reality check in the beginning then okay, but this shit is years old now.

    One question Candy, since you can’t take it with you are you going to be buried with it or what. Who gets the money when you die, no one? That’s cold-blooded.

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