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How the hell did I miss David Alan Grier actin’ like a straight up bitch after his ass got booted from Dancing with the Stars last week?  I cannot believe this shit!

This fool didn’t even have enough tact to wait till he got off the damn DWTS stage to start rantin’ with Access Hollywood.  He said “There’s several people that can kiss my ass, but she’s definitely the first in line…” – talkin’ about Carrie Ann Inaba!  “To stand up week after week and be humiliated by people who have no right to talk to me like that… I am proudest that I didn’t climb across that table and slap the shit out of every one of those judges and that’s my proudest accomplishment.  I spent so much time trying to bring class into, what for me, was a classless situation, so it shouldn’t be like that, but that’s the way it is”.

All the while poor Kym Johnson was standing next to him in disbelief with her face in her hands!  She must be a damn good judge of character cuz she clearly didn’t like his black ass!  She’s loved all her partners for 7 seasons BUT him!

“I do feel like we never stood a change with the judges, but we still try to rise above that. I just don’t think they ever, ever, ever scored us the way we deserved,” Grier said. “And I always felt the scores were a little too low.”

This is some real catty shit…just like a queen sore loser! 


Now David, let me keep it real with you.  The judges didn’t humiliate you week after week.  You did that to your damn self getting’ out there and dancin’ like shit!  They had every right to critique you…they were the JUDGES!  How the hell do you know if the scores are too low?  You clearly aren’t a ballroom dancer! 

If you had any class, then you wouldn’t be talkin’ about slappin’ the shit outta women dumb ass!  Don’t be mad at Carrie Ann cuz she blew up after In Living Color and your shit went down hill.  Your rant was some straight up nigger (ignorant) shit that only embarrassed yourself more than your non-dancin’ ass did by agreeing to do the show in the first place!


…Vine…in a minute


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