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Guess it’s safe to say that Jamie Foxx and Miley Cyrus, or Billy Ray for that matter, won’t be doin’ any collaborations together in the future.  On The Foxxhole, Jamie’s Sirius satellite radio show, he spoke on the “little white bitch” (his words – don’t shoot the messenger) and her vow to “ruin” Radiohead cuz they didn’t wanna meet her ass before their Grammys performance.

We know people are gonna have some shit to say about Jamie and his crew gettin’ on this little girl, but we think the bigger problem is this Miley talkin’ bout she gone ruin somebody! 

Who the fuck is she?  And why is it that damn serious?  So they didn’t want to meet you..so the fuck what!  You ain’t nobody to tell you the truth.  That shit is hella fuckin’ vindictive!  THAT is the real issue, not Jamie’s name callin’!

She done got beside herself since her 16 year old ass started fuckin’ that overaged boy…allegedly, of course!

H&V…in a minute


Comments on: "Jamie Foxx Played the Shit Outta Miley Cyrus…" (10)

  1. tinkebell said:

    I think its funny I dont even like miley cyrus thats what she get for talking about radio head and mocking selena and demi. and I know a lot of you fans are going to start getting mad and saying mean things about black people but let me say this not all black people mean.

  2. Yep, that’s what she gets. Our readers aren’t easily offended. They know all blacks aren’t mean…I hope. – Vine

  3. Why is ok for him to use “white bitch” If I called some one a “black bitch” it’d be racist?Why isn’t he bein called out on that?

  4. @denise – You and plenty of other people will take the time to call Jamie out on using the adjective “white”. I’m sure of it.

    Second of all, we and a whole bunch of black women get called black bitches daily, but we don’t cry about it. Shit, black women have been called nappy headed hoes and all kind of other bullshit! We deal with it. You deal with it.

    Why aren’t you mad that this child threatened to ruin someone’s livelihood b/c they didn’t want to meet her ass? THAT is the question if you ask me!

    – Vine

  5. Kaboom, great post. First of all Jamie Foxx simply misspoke, he didn’t mean to call her a ” little white bitch” he meant to say “little white trash bitch.” D’uh. Anybody can see the hilly in this billion dollar billy a mile away. Other than that Mr Foxx is just going to have to take the heat on this comment if it’s racially motivated at all which it’s not. And PS – when did calling someone white become a insult?

    And on Miley, IT’S MILEY!!!!!, Fuck her, okay. Just fuck her. I’m sorry, but that was a disgrace that she was dissing Radiohead. Didn’t you hear Gwyneth’s intro? They’re music royalty. Of course they wouldn’t party with her lame ass. They have a brand and Miley just ain’t any kind of cool once you get out of puberty or you’re born a boy. Plus she’d probably twitter it. They can’t be seen with a Disney engineered vapid artless tween queen like that. D’uh.

    Plus, she’s taking photos with her and all her friends making “chink eyes” her words not mine. Remember that one a couple of months ago? There’s one Asian guy in the photo too. I remember seeing the photo at a website captioned, “there’s one person in this pic that 1.5 billion Asians are not upset with.” Classic.

    And she is screwing a guy 21 years old that means statutory rape, but no, her and that Jamie Lynn number both get off scott free. Please.

  6. PS – I’m white. And a bitch. But I’m sure you already knew the second part.

  7. Oh and one more thing.

    What you’ve got to understand here is that some performers are artists, real artists, and some are just Mileys with millions in the bank when the real artists go hungry.

    If he has to be the bigger person here and apologize then so be it. But little Miley Cyrus is not getting any sympathy out of me. Her father perpetrated one of the most egregious, disgusting so, one hit wonders on this country and the world at large. My achey heart justs breaks thinking about that POS song that I had to endure for so long during my formative years.

  8. Michele, this is why you faithfully read this blog. Cuz you get it. Thank you, thank you, thank you AND amen! I don’t have not one word to add! Actually, I do. I almost fell off the couch when I read “…and that Jamie Lynn number…”! Comedy is right here folks! – Vine

  9. @Vine. Thanks for posting these. I had no idea this was getting so ugly. Love the H & V.

  10. @Michele You’re welcome. Gotta kill time till Real Housewives comes on LOL.

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