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Of course we had to way in on this nonsense, but ya’ll might not like what we have to say!

In case you’ve been under a rock, Perez Hilton was in Vegas over the weekend to “act” as a judge for the Miss USA pageant.  During the Q&A section, this dumb ass fool asked Miss California Carrie Prejean:

“Vermont recently became the fourth state to legalize same-sex marriage … do you think every state should follow suit? Why or why not?”

She replied “We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage.  And you know what, I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman.  No offense to anybody out there, but that’s how I was raised.”

Some applauded her and some booed, but that’s not important.  What we want to know is how the fuck Perez Hilton was allowed to ask such a question knowing damn well he was biased?  Then he turned around and gave Miss USA 0 points for her answer!!!!  What kinda bullshit is that? 

It was beyond unprofessional and inappropriate to throw that question at her knowing good and hell well that he wouldn’t give her any points UNLESS she answered the way he thought was right.  Mark her down for saying “opposite marriage”, but not because she otherwise gave a good, honest answer to the question.  To a large degree, Q&A in a pageant is about content, not the actual answer.

That girl has every right to feel like marriage is between men and women.  Doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be a great representation of the United States.  Whether people like it or not, everyone does not believe in gay marriage. 

The question and spirit behind it was fucked up if you ask Hollywood & Vine.  Miss California should cuss his ass out for that bitch move that kept her from getting the crown!  Whoever decided to bring Perez on board as a judge should be fired for selling out the pageant by bringing on some pop culture muthafucka [for publicity’s sake] who knows jack about the pageant world.

We know you wanna weigh in!

…H&V…in a minute (www.twitter.com/hollywoodNvine)


Comments on: "Miss USA: Pageant or Politically Correct Contest?" (9)

  1. Totally agree with you. The pagent was not the time nor the place for a question like that. I am sure for what ever he scored her in after that, she got nothing but zero’s from him for her truthful answer. I agree who ever brought him along just because he is “popular” should be fired, it was a good idea but with poor execution.
    The first thing to learn about having others accept you for your lifestyle, is acknowleding and accepting their life and feelings too, whether they are in or not in agreement with you.

  2. @Abs – Thanks. Come on now, a ZERO for her answer? That’s bullshit.

  3. JrzShoreLady said:

    And how “convenient” that that question went to Miss Prop 8 State! The fix was obviously in…maybe it was taped to the bottom of the bowl or something, but that was total bullshit. Perez nees to get over himself & why the hell are all these shows (Larry King, etc.) catering to him? Why are they all afraid of him? What’s the dick gonna do – draw a dick on them on his website??? ewwww I’m scared

  4. Hell yeah the fix was in! The Miss USA people knew Perez was going to ask that question and they let him keep it a secret till showtime! Translation – they didn’t want Miss CA to win. It’s all political. Trust, they wouldn’t have even put her in that position if they wanted her to win. They wouldn’t have taken the chance. I’m with you, why aren’t they callin’ him on his bullshit and unprofessionalism? Who gives a damn if Perez Hilton is mad at them.

  5. @JrzShoreLady “Perez nees to get over himself & why the hell are all these shows (Larry King, etc.) catering to him? ” Yes, they are afraid of this one, my opinion only, but it seems like the traffic at his website puts him in another class of bloggers. They are afraid of a million people seeing a picture at the site of them with a dick on them.

    I think the question was completely inappropriate for the forum. It’s a political question and the person who answers is going to offend half the audience regardless of how well they answer. The bitch fucked up the answer just based on the “opposite marriage” phrase so she didn’t deserve much credit, but not a 0.

    The reason that Perez was there is that the media have decided that this country is 4-46 for Gay Marriage and needs to be 50-0 for gay marriage. There is also an organized legal movement to sue state governments to institute the practice in the law. That’s how we got in Mass. The State Supreme court basically heard the case of a gay couple suing the town clerk who refused them a marriage license. A multiyear multi lawyer battle ensued and finally the top court then had to decide, based on the law and the state constitution, that denying the marriage license to a gay couple was unconstitutional. That is a model that works in all 50 states. That why these decisions and civil service laws are getting rammed through across the country.

    I predict that gay marriage will continue to be this big of an issue until all states grant the right to their gay residents. There might be a few road blocks, but this is coming to a state near you soon. Even states outlawing the practice on the ballot can be challenged on the basis of their civil rights claims. The thing abput Mass and most states is that sexual orientation is a protected minority status. Once that happens, the flood gates open as far as constitutional protections for stuff like this, ie denying someone the marriage license based on sexual orientation.

    Awesome blog post. Very controversial issue, you did a good job here taking on the Perez factor. Because it’s out there.

  6. @Michele – Thanks. This was actually the only time that we held back a bit. I think you’re right; people are afraid Perez is gonna talk shit about them on his site. He is the biggest blogger out there, but who gives a fuck. Four years ago he was just a chunky Hispanic dude with bad hair. Who cares!

    Hollywood and I both have strong opinions about this topic. What’s even stronger is when people, like Perez, start comparing being gay to being black! He did that shit on his Twitter a week or so ago. I almost started a race war LMAO!

    – Vine

  7. Michele said:

    @Vine. It’s a huge issue. Not gay marriage itself but drawing similarities between gays getting legally married and the civil rights movement is offensive to me personally. It’s a completely different battle although the legal strategies and the principles are the same.

    Personally, I have a gay cousin and she’s married and I think it sucks that they can’t be a real family in the eyes of the law. She had been really sick for a while and the hospitals and doctors wouldn’t let her wife call the shots but they were out in Idaho and my cousin didn’t have any family there day to day. It was just one more fucking thing they had to deal with but even they don’t think it’s politically feasible to start going all “I have a dream” on this shit even after what they went through.

    This might piss you off but I’d like to post it here, respectfully, because it’s exactly what you’re talking about. A joke I heard after the Mass court decision: “Which is harder to be in America today, black or gay? The answer is gay because if you’re black you don’t have to sit your parents down when you’re 21 to tell them that you’re black.” I know, breathe.

    If gays have to emulate the pioneers of the civil rights movement to get what they’re entitled to then fantastic. They pioneered this kind of litigation and their model works. If they choose to associate their cause with that of other minority groups in America to get sympathy and support today on gay marriage then that’s a good thing. But I just get pissed off because younger people today think the civil rights movement is over and it’s not. They think that just because overt racism is not tolerated any longer then we’re done. There’s a lot more to being racist then using the n word and their a lot more to racism than someone telling you, “you’re my equal.” Especially in this country where economics rule what kind of basic choices you and your kids have in life.

    Anyway it was a good post and I think you held back correctly on some of this stuff. It is not the same thing. Let me put it this way. Miss America 1963 was never asked what she thought about the apartheid system of Jim Crowe that this whole country supported for 100 years after 300 years of slavery. By a black man I might add.

    Love the H&V. Keep telling your story, kid. We’re listening. And it’s important.

  8. @Michele – “Miss America 1963 was never asked what she thought about the apartheid system of Jim Crowe that this whole country supported for 100 years after 300 years of slavery. By a black man I might add”

    Exactly! I still can’t get over how they set Miss CA up for this mess to further a bigger agenda. I truly believe that.

    It doesn’t piss me off that you or anyone else thinks it’s harder to be gay in America than it is to be black. I actually LOL even though I disagree.

    I think these ridiculous comparisons make light of what happened long before and during the Civil Rights Movement. Perez Hilton actually compared Miss CA’s answer to interracial dating LOL! It’s just a never ending discussion with points to be made by both sides of the coin.

    I also want to say for the record how disgusting I think it is that Shanna Moakler, as Co-Executive Director of the Miss California pageant, thinks it’s okay and appropriate to be discussing that the organization paid for Miss CA’s implants. How is that relevant? All she, Perez, and others are trying to do at this point is humiliate this girl because of what she believes. That shit is not right! I hope Prejean milks her 15 minutes for what they’re worth.

    And I’d still sue Hilton and Miss USA for allowing this ambush that cost her the crown! – Vine

  9. Michele said:

    “I think it is that Shanna Moakler, as Co-Executive Director of the Miss California pageant, thinks it’s okay and appropriate to be discussing that the organization paid for Miss CA’s implants.”

    I had no idea, simple answer: character assassination. But overall the girl will do find she’ll make good bank on personal appearances everywhere. I didn’t realize that she was the front-runner when she got ambushed, good term for what happened btw. That really seriously sucks then because Miss USA money is much bigger. Bummer. It’s like killing a lamb without anyone getting a good meal out of it. Ultimately, Hilton’s question does nothing to get gays married in Cali. Bummer.

    See this is why I need H & V.

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