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Here we go ya’ll.  Sway and the audience are live for the finale and I’m tipsy.  Should be fun.

Day 26 is having a sit down with Diddy.  Que seems like he’s been a few days sober and Donnie is there with his 2 pack, too!  Diddy is talkin’ about how they need to learn about Danity Kane and how you gotta make sure you really want it.  Yeah, that and make sure that none of the members fuck the head of the label (allegedly).  That could help!

Back to Sway at the Hudson Theatre.  Day 26 is about to perform live.  I’m sorry, does Robert have capri pants on?  Wait, are they pleather?   Okay, just askin’…Lord help, here comes Diddy in a Gucci jacket!  Why didn’t I expect him to come out during this shit?  I love when Diddy dances and I love him!  He can’t really dance allll that well, but nobody really gives a shit cuz he’s Diddy!  Is this nigga really tryna sing LMAO?  You gotta love Diddy! He’s like fuck it, I’m almost a billionaire.  If I wanna sang with these real singers, I’m gone sang!  Loves it!

Back from commercial, Day 26 and Dr. Love aka Donnie Klang are sittin’ down talkin’ to Sway!  The played back all of Que’s bullshit during the season.  Yeah, he owned up to going through a lot, but didn’t say he was a dope fiend.  He said the cameras didn’t catch his drama.  Yep, camera wasn’t there when he was gettin’ high as the sky!  Oh Lawd, Dr. Love bout to take the stage.  I hope he don’t take off that damn shirt!  Donnie ain’t had a six pack since season 1.

Thankfully he’s singing a ballad and don’t have to dance or strip!  Uh oh, here he goes, takin’ off his jacket.  Do NOT take off a shirt!  Fool, you KNOW you ain’t fit like you used to be!  Did he just have the nerve to pull up his shirt LMAO?  Donnie’s stomach looks like Bruh Man from the Fifth Flo!  He betta stop!

Danity Kane is back on the stage, minus Drea.  Um, didn’t I tell ya’ll last week that D Woods would look as bootleg as ever!  She looks a fucking mess!  Shannon looks good, Dawn has a new short cut and Aubrey is fat!  Ya’ll see Aubrey waving at the fans…yeah, cuz she knows she ain’t never gonna be in front of fans screaming like that any damn more after tonight!  D Woods…there are no words.  Why is she so fucking bootsy? 

Sway asked her what happened to the group.  She gave a bullshit answer, but she was quick to not mention how her girl Aubrey single handedly fucked up the group!  Aubrey went on and on about how she’s all about forgiveness and shit.  She’s a damn liar.  Bitch is living in Newport Beach now with her “wife”.  Sooo, she went from fucking men, including Diddy (allegedly), to being a lesbian?  Um, aight Aubrey.  If you say so.

Again, back from commercial.  Diddy should be out soon!  Sway called these bitches out.  He said that nobody seems to be taking accountability and he’s right!  Aww shit, Diddy walked out while Aubrey was tryna front!  I KNOW he’s going to almost set this shit straight.  He hugged Shannon, but didn’t acknowledge D Woods and Aubrey’s tramp ass. 

You can tell behind the sunglasses that Diddy is sick of these bitches!  For real, he’s tired of it.  What I want to know is how Shannon has been living in someone’s garage and she came back looking better than ALL these hoes!  How did that shit happen?  I mean dayum! 

Sway asked if there’s a chance that Danity Kane can get back together.  Before Diddy can answer, Day 26 is going to plug their new album sing another song.  They sound a mess if you ask me. 

Aubrey said if everything could work itself out she’d like DK to get back together.  D Woods said the season of DK was wonderful, but right now it’s a new chapter!  D Woods wouldn’t shut the fuck up, so Diddy cut her ass off when Sway couldn’t!  Shannon said, no not yet!

WHOA, Diddy said he’s gonna let everyone outta their contracts so they can pursue other shit.  Ya’ll will have to forgive me, but I just don’t believe that shit.  Diddy ain’t let nobody outta their contract EVER unless he got paid and nobody with any real money is tryna pick up D Woods, Aubrey and nem! 

Donnie is up on stage with his loverboss, Diddy!  D Woods is working on a solo project.  Shannon is working with www.iamfrenzy.com. Aubrey is working on Broadway and has a new reality tv show in the fall.  Diddy said he wants to get in on that.  Trust, he will be gettin’ a piece of the pie. 

THIS is why Aubrey ain’t cool with him.  She talks to fucking much..all up in front of Diddy talkin’ about Twitter her.  Bitch, don’t nobody cut Diddy off like that which is why he played you last season!  She’s so chunky and bootleg!

Diddy is looking for a new girl group now.  When details are made available by MTV, we’ll let ya’ll singers/dancers know.

Until next season…Vine…in a minute

Comments on: "Making the Band 4: Season Finale Pt. 2" (4)

  1. Brittany said:

    Why is you such a fool?! I swear you gone get me in trouble at…..WORK 😦 thank you about Donnie, I just knew he was gone take that shirt off. He don’t be so into it to me. Wait I wanted you to talk about the d@mn kids in the background…wow that’s they fan base. You ain’t lying bout D Woods looking like a Booga Wolf. WHY WHY WHY? tell me WHY you didn’t make sure you was fly as heck? You know Diddy gone look at you like you AIN’T sh*t. I would have tried my best to make him reconsider. Aubrey……………….I don’t even feel like going there. I hope Dawn make it. i honestly wanted them to get back together but I feel D Woods it would be different if they were Destiny’s Child and grew up together MINUES BEYONCE DADDY!!! (LATAVIA WHERE YOU AT?) oh but yeah I think if they were friends (foundation) first then maybe things would have been different. WHY he looking for another group? Please nobody try out. He gone be in they videos talking over the songs then he gone go do a song with another artist and at the end of the year none of them will exist anymore. How you f up 112? UGH!!! OK i hear my boss

  2. LMAO! You are the crazy one LOL! Yeah, how do you fuck up 112? I feel you on D Woods. I woulda done whatever to be fly as hell comin’ back in front of Diddy and the damn world. Overall, the finale was a big ass let down to me. I woulda rather heard Dawn sing something off her solo album than Day 26 with all that shiny shit on lookin’ like Puffy and Ma$e back in the day!

  3. Brittany said:

    LMBAO!! I hate you!!!!!! I didn’t even watch all of it. and I am a crack head reality watcher. I heard “my brother, my brothers, my lil brother” and had enough and went to bed. but my crack head reality watching tail woke back up when I thought the girls would be back on. hello?! I am so mad at D Woods she looked stankalicious. I am going to see if she got a myspace and send her a message……GIRL WHY? WHAT WAS YOU THINKING? and then I would say Now you know you want to whoop Aubrey tail cause she the reason your hair look like that in the first place! Got d@mn it let me get back to work! Im for real this time!

  4. The only reason I didn’t play a drinking game last night everytime they said “brother” was cuz I was already drunk! Otherwise, it woulda been fun. Not stankalicious though LOL! With that Supremes lookin’ wet and wavy to the side wig on her damn head! How is Aubrey friends with people like Kim K who give her designer clothes to wear, she claims D Woods is her girl, but all D Woods had on were some green leggings lookin’ like an elf with a big weave? Why she ain’t help her girl out?

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