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First let me give a shout out to all the real Boss Bitches!  I’m going to keep this short and sweet since next week will be the best episode.  ,

Danielle is stupid!  Point blank, anyone (friend, mother, father, baby daddy) who is intentionally fucking up my money has to go!  Kysha is trying to be funny and send the girls to the wrong spot.  Does she not understand that’s a reflection on the ENTIRE agency??!  If she can do so much better than the girls, then she needs to stop being such a hater, get up off her ass and put in some work!  Considering that I still believe this is NOT a real agency.  

Brooke and Terricka obviously built this agency and if they leave, Danielle will have to return that leased CLK and Range Rover and move out of that staged TV home she is living in!  April suppose to be the OG in this game.  Well give your girl some good advice for a change and tell her to get a back bone!

Hollywood…in a minute

Comments on: "Candy Girls: 4/26/09 Recap" (19)

  1. It’s amazing how short winded your ass is compared to mine! – Vine

  2. LOL @ Vine, please tell me you guys will do an entry on Ray Jay soon! The reunion was funny as hell.

  3. @Jen – Ask and you shall receive. It just went up. It’s a bit scattered cuz I was typing and talkin’ to Hollywood (while she watched) at the same time, but it’s up! – Vine

  4. pinkgirly said:

    I honestly think Danielles friend is acting the way she act because she knows this is all BS and she’s right, them chicks are Busted..She ain’t hating she telling the truth..

    Honestly they all are a sad excuse to be on TV and they make reali video models lookmhorrible. They might want to try using real video chicks next time like Mylissa Ford, Angela luv and Kia Samuels..

  5. @pinkgirly – I don’t watch like Hollywood, but I think men would disagree that Terricka and Brooke, especially, are busted. Those two make Danielle her money. If Kysha is all that, Danielle should be about her business and put her out there, too, and not stick her behind a damn desk. What sense does that make?

    To me, M. Ford is done and Angela Luv looks a mess. And none of these broads are models!

    – Vine

  6. @pinkgirly – I agree this is all bullshit! Kysha acts that way because she WANTS to be in the game! Trust me, she is from the Bay and Bay broads love the drama and the limelight.

    Considering Angela Lola Luv is trying to be a “rapper”, Kia hasn’t done a good video in about 2 years and MELISSA Ford is off trying to find a ball player to settle down with, I THINK Brooke is the reigning video model at this time. She has been the lead in at least a dozen top 10 hip-hop videos in the past 18 months. Check the record!

    – Hollywood

  7. If Kysha was my employee and she did that shit on purpose and THEN laughed in my face about it, I would have fired her on the spot. Done. Turn in your keys and your blackberry and get out of my face.

    Those girls, no matter how bitchy and lame she might think them, are Danielle’s products. You can’t make money if you can’t sell your product, and Kysha is crazy for suggesting otherwise. I couldn’t believe it when the words came out of her mouth.

  8. I’m actually watching right now. Initially I was shocked as shit that Kysha laughed in Danielle’s face. Then that wore off and realized she did it cuz she could! Danielle let’s them walk all over her. What kind of biz owner is she let this shit happen? I don’t get it or this show! – Vine

  9. OaktownBossLady said:

    After watching tonights episode it further cements in my mind that Brooke and Terricka are very low class, uncouth and very unprofessional. They act like they are the baddest bitches ever and are irreplaceable. Kysha was right when she said they were busted. They may be attractive to the eye, but their attitudes and personalitys make them very unattractive to me. Danielle needs to get a backbone, she lets those girls talk bad too her, talk about her to her face, act a fool on a set in front of people that they have been hired by and she does not reprimand them. She takes their sides when majority of the time what Kysha says about them are true. They are busted and they are replaceable. Terricka has the nastiest attitude i have ever seen displayed by a black woman. And by no means im not a hater, i just call it like i see it. This episode showed Kysha moving into the house as a model. I am rooting for Kysha, i hope she books more jobs than Brooke and Terricka. Olivia is cool. I like her alot, she is about her business and is very classy. Blanca is just a follower and wants to be accepted. And with all that money she makes, why cant she get her teeth fixed? Anyway that is just my summation of this show. I wish they would show some really pretty girls that also have nice attitudes and personalitys that are about their business then Brooke, Terricka and Blanca. News Flash to you three: You girls are just the flavor of the month. You are VERY REPLACEABLE, YOUR NOT THE FINEST THING WALKING , and i hope you have back up plans for when Kysha books all the jobs and leaves you broke. HAHA!
    Disclaimer: For all the follow up comments i may get, such as im hatin or whatever, Thats no where near the case. And i will not engage in cyber- gangbangin. OAKTOWN BOSS LADY over and out.

  10. Brittany said:

    I’m gone need yall to wake up, make some coffee and discuss last nights episode. I love Brooke “The Boss” I still don’t really like Terrica. I only like her a tiny bit cause she speak her mind. But I am gone need you to post your comments so we can discus how stupid Danelle with her New Found Toughness self. Dont get me wrong I like her but Kysha needed to go all together. She gone make her lose her company right along with Terrica. And is Olivia breast fed or on formula? Got d@mn!

  11. Sorry ya’ll. Hollywood missed the show and the DVR didn’t record it. It’s gonna be a couple days before she recaps last night’s show? I know, damn sorry LOL. – V

  12. sassyTRINI said:

    I think that Kysha is a stupid ass bitch and all four of them needed to deal with her ass SEVERELY! She disrespected the girls on the highest level.

  13. ok, the show is hilarious but honestly it’s all staged. In the opening she said April was her best friend (not true) and now she’s constantly saying Kysha is. It’s all bullshit, hilarious bullshit and I love it because it’s quite entertaining. Danielle is full of shit, and a damn fool. Who in their right mind would have a reality show and discuss their mother’s illness. A crazy whacked ass bitch that’s who.

  14. singleblaclfemale said:

    are you girls serious? get a life.oaklandbosslady you are a total hater.

  15. I think it’s hilarious when someone comes to our blog telling us to get a life, yet they took the time out of their fucking life to comment! Sounds like SBF is the loser! – Vine

  16. Yes we are serious sweetie,, and u know it! Otherwise you wouldn’t have wasted your own precious time reading our blog and the comments that others (like you) have posted and then posted a comment of your own! U must be a wanna be video ho yourself it’s ok hun everyone should have a dream! Thanks for all the love and support! – Hollywood

  17. whitet2 said:

    Well first of all Kysha is the baddest of them all and this is coming from another bad bitch thats why they hate her because they know that if she actually starts to model she will shut the game down. I mean come on people I give props where props is due Brooke is cute because she is rare you don’t see to many dark skinned pretty girls that often any more and thats coming from me another pretty dark skinned chick Terrika ass looks like the average light skinned girl ya see every day matter of fact she looks like she looks like a lot of light skinned girls I know and yes Blanca is a follower with a bad grill. Bottom line Kysha got em beat she’s beautiful and she has a shape to die for so get over it people and stop hating on Kysha the video diva. Yall see how she moved and and straight took her a bed lol now thats a boss bitch

  18. melissaUwannaKissa said:

    lmao….i loooove it! hahaha…..i was sooo mad that after that last episode there wasnt another following…haha i was dyyyin to see what was NEXT! i think theyre all pretty except for terrika. im not a hater at all,but i laugh when she acts like the world owes her something! blancas cute,i like her,and brooke,,,well shes pretty and all but there are some very very gorgeous chics out there and i think if danielle is real and this whole bella thing is REAl she should get a few more girls up in that house.hmm maybe a hot oriental chic,a nice sexy italian chic,and indian chic,and maybe even a mixed girl,black and asian would blow em out the box! hey!then she’d be in the money- hawd bodyyy…lol…i like the show though,,,lets jus hope they learn some morals,and stop being so snobby!!! (if its all not an act)oh n one more thing, kyshas gaaaannnngggssstttaaaa she was liek debo…lol..looove it! hahaha

  19. First of all,i think danielle should behave like the BOSS…she always says she is..she does allow herself to be trampled on,and that aint right..Brooke is one person i love..she’s pretty n bold..and her confidence just pours out like butter..Terrika is aiite..a lil to agressive but she’s straight up real..i love that,olivia she has a nice personality n all,but there’s this victim thing she has going on..a word of advice…IF YOU REALLY WANT TO BE A SUCESSFUL ACTRESS..get out of the agency,eventually you gonna have scandals…DUHHHHH…Blanca is actually the follower,yall are right on that..wit a very bad grill…where does all the money go..your teeth needs help HELLO!!…AND KYSHA IS A LIKE THE QUEEN BITCH,nasty attitude…she doesnt have an atom of respect..her self or even her so called bf..danielle…AM ‘A BEAT THE CRAP OF THAT SNACKY BITCH IF I HAD THE CHANCE….WORD!!!

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