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We’re “live” with Lala hosting, of course!  As she puts it, we’re here to see if Ray and Cocktail still have the magic from when they finished the show…you know, the magic that can only be found in Vegas drunk and off ‘E’…allegedly!

First up, Stilts.  Ray said he don’t date married women.  So, maybe he wasn’t fucking Whitney Houston?!  Stilts is in the hot seat.  She looks decent.  She clowned the shit outta Ray talkin’ bout he can stand on a table to be her height.  Love it.  I mean, yeah she was faulty for goin’ on a dating show while being married, BUT Ray ain’t much better cuz his shit is dirty, too!  Notice he laughed when Stilts called his ass out!  He didn’t say one more word to her ass!  Someone get him a booster seat please!

Caviar is up!  She looks like she got a little thick in the middle since she got kicked off the show.  WHO dressed LaLa in that ill-fitting yellow dress!  Please show us Chicago Larry!  I’ve been waitin’ to see this ugly nigga ALL DAY!  OH MY GOD!  OH MY GAWD!  This is one of the oldest, ugliest niggas I done EVA seen!  Aight, Ray is crazy!  HE was the one on the show talkin’ about how fabulous and well-known Chicago Larry was and shit.  Now all of a sudden he’s sayin’ Chicago Larry’s popularity was boosted by him being on the show.  Well which fucking one is it? 

Chardonnay is back!  She got a new weave and she looks great!  Let’s see how Ray is gonna clean this up when she gets in the hot seat!  Chardonnay looks better than LaLa and she ain’t had baby the first by a multi-millionaire!  LaLa got her crying and shit over this munchkin!  Poor baby.  Ray looked like he KNEW he picked the wrong one.  THAT is how you come back when you got dumped!

Danger’s crazy/deranged ass is next!  Do ya’ll hear the music in the background?  Danger looks a hot ass mess!  WHO put that wig on Unique’s head.  OH MY GAWD.  Unique just busted her out that she’s a ho!  A straight up prostitute!  She tried to put her craziness off on being from the Bay.  Bullshit!  Bitch is a lunatic.  That has shit to do with being from the Bay Area. 

Uniqua is up next!  She didn’t wanna box earlier in the season cuz she didn’t wanna look a fool.  Well what the fuck is she doing now on the show?  Who combed her hair?  Obviously nobody!  Ray lookin’ like he’s GLAD he didn’t pick her ass!  She looks a mess.  I hope Cashmere calls her fuckin’ ass out.  Ya’ll KNOW that shit pissed me off!  Other than those ugly blue shoes, Cashmere looks good, too!  OHHHH, she just called Uniqua bi-sexual!  We all saw that broad sitting and enjoying lap dances from Feisty and Chardonnay!  Own it bisexual girl, own it! 

LaLa is talkin’ about taking a look back at Ray and Cocktail’s journey…like they fell in love or somethin’!  WHY THE HELL DOES SHE LOOK LIKE THAT?  The sistas in the audience laughin’ at this broad.  She looks like she got that dress from Mervyns!  Just cheap and bootleg.  Chardonnay is a stripper and looked better than her ass!  How you gone look WORSE than the broads you beat out!

Wait, Caviar had to lean over and ask someone what the fuck LaLa asked!  This shit is hilarious.

Cocktail done professed her love to Ray.  He just sat there looking at the camera.  Ray said he wants to get to know more about her..Yeah, does she like Doggy Style or Missionary?  Role play or S&M!

He’s going to use her ass up, literally, then throw her back to West Sacramento to that dining room-LESS house!  He’ll be done in time for Season 2 to start filming.  They already cast for the shit.

What did ya’ll think of the reunion?

…in a minute

Comments on: "For the Love of Ray J Reunion" (9)

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  2. Brittany said:

    I haven’t seen it yet but……dining room-LESS house???????????? LMMFAO!! Like me and my homegirls say….”I’m gone beat ya ass” for that one! OMG Yall is a mess. I can’t wait to see this ish!

  3. Let us know what you think after you see it. Yes, dining room-LESS house. If two grown people live in that house, you should have a damn dining room! And how have you lived somewhere for YEARS but can’t speak the language? – Vine

  4. Lol! Thanks for posting this. Lala did look a mess in that ugly yellow dress. It looked more like a hospital gown than an outfit. She’s always gotten on my nerves though, I can’t stand her voice and her eyes point in different directions like a goat…but I digress….

    Chardonnay looked freakin awesome! I’ll still never understand his reasoning for getting rid of her. I loved the regret all over his face. Although when she was getting all emotional, they cut to a guy and a girl sitting in the audience, the girl had some crazy fucking eyebrows and I busted a gut laughing at her.

    I loved Danger vs Unique. Here’s what Unique was referring to when she called her a prostitute. I loved the look of horror on Ray’s face when she talked about being/not being pregnant.

    Unique’s hair wig was horrible. Just give her a shepard’s hook and a lamb and she’d be Little Bo Peep! Cashmere looked okay, but her fun bags were on the loose.

    I agree that Cocktail looked cheap as hell. The whole time she was up on stage I just kept thinking how he picked the one who looked the most like Kim Kardashian…

  5. @Jen – You are one funny bitch LOL! I enjoy your comments almost as much as my own! I agree with every word. Still can’t get over how good Chardonnay looked.

    Willie Ray Norwood didn’t wanna say shit to Danger about the pregnancy lie cuz he’s afraif of her ass. Most dudes woulda called her on the lie, but he was like fuck that…my mama was right! I’ll let this go before I end up in jail.

    SO TRUE about Cocktails look. Did you peep in the finale how she kept saying if Ray picked Uniqua it would be for all the wrong reasons? Hollywood and I believe 100% that she meant cuz Unique is black. Meaning he’ll pick the black girl to keep from pissin’ black folks off, but he really wants me….the non-black bitch…his actual type!
    – Vine

  6. Brittany said:

    Jen you is a d@mn fool yourself! I saw this ish last night. How you got red hair and a black @ss mustach still. Unique…..I knew she had to be bi cause she passed that question on the lie detector test. Chardonnay is so real. I like her and wish her the best. Is Caviar a pretty man? that voice. She sound like the hearing inpaired with a lump in her throat. No disrepect. Ray J is young he act young, look young, SOUND young. There will be a part 2. Once he get finish banging ol girl back in. You KNOW that fool is probably head over hills in love with him too.

  7. Did you see Unique enjoying lap dances from Feisty and Chardonnay? I think the only child in her family that doesn’t like women is her younger sister! The other sister was walkin’ round lookin’ like Da Brat.

    I still think Caviar is a dude! And I can’t wait for Season 2 of this mess.

  8. She did look like Da Brat!! Shit, I couldn’t put my finger on it until now, thank you! It’s random, but it puts my brain at ease a little bit, lol…

  9. @Jen – No worries! Happens to me all the time. – Vine

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