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All good things must come to an end!  This season is no different.  Enjoy the episode and recap now, cuz in an hour (for me) there will be no more Jill Zarin, Bobby Vegas, Bethenny, Roller Girl OR Kelly and her non hip havin’ ass to talk about each week till next season!

Just watchin’ the recap of how Kell talked to Bethenny riled me up for tonight.  She better be on her best behavior or else! 

Over to Jill Zarin’s Upper East Side condo, the girls are meeting to discuss final preparations for Jill’s fundraiser.  Guess whose ass is late?  Ramona and her bad hair cut.  Aww shit, she and Jill are having it out over whether or not Jill should put her company’s name on the SuppleLeftTitty…you know, the signage behind people as they walk the red carpet!  I saw TruRamona’s point, but I gotta disagree.  Besides, ex-Countess Lu didn’t object and we all know that etiquette starts and stops with her ass!

Over at NASDAQ, the Count and ex-Countess are taking a tour since they helped to raise money for somebody in Brooklyn.  She just talks so damn much that it all bleeds together.  I’m shocked that she introduced lil Yawny to her husband as Alex and not the Count.  She’s just into herself enough to have told a 5 year old call him that.

Oh shit, just saw a preview for the reunion.  ex-Countess Lu MIGHT…MIGHT win me over if she goes off on Kelly.  Can’t wait…back to the show.

Jill Zarin is about to have either the sex tawwlk or the drug tawwlk with Ally.  How humiliating to get “the talk” on national tv.  I’m sure they cut the good shit out, but it was nice to see her be there for her kid.

Over at Lu’s broken home, Bethenny is giving Rosie a cooking lesson cuz Lu is too cheap and lazy to send her to cooking school.  Rosie be gettin’ her rocks off by the sound of things. 

Jill Zarin took a trip to some crazy jeweler’s spot (Jeri Cohen) to pick up an auction item for the fundraiser.  Her sitting in the back of her own damn SUV being driven around by some black dude was a bit Miss Daisy-like, but only Jill could pull that shit off.  She took Kelly with her for some dumbass reason.  WHAT does she have on?  She has on like a mini dress with tights and some UGG-ish boots.  Is…it…hot…or…is…it…cold…bitch?  Make up your fucking mind!

Miss Bethenny was asked to model in a Moroccan fashion show.  So who else but Lu would give her runway advice?  How funny to see Bethenny not doing something well.  Was I the only one in this moment who had a flashback to Carrie Bradshaw in the fashion show with real people & models?  As long as B doesn’t end up laying on the runway as fashion roadkill like Carrie, she’ll be fine.

Sooo, right before show time, Bethenny is told that she’s also the MC for the evening.  Being the good sport that she is, she’s prepping her one liners in hair and make-up.  All of the girls are coming…and when I say the girls I mean Jill, Lu, Ramona, Alex and, of course, Simon!  Kelly’s ass was too tacky to RSVP either way.  B’s publicist is funny, too, calling Kell “charming”.  Jill Zarin walked the red carpet with her gay husband by her side and her real husband bringing up the rear…no pun intended!

Bethenny came out on stage looking like a million fucking bucks…and bitch was funny on top of that.  How dare ex-Countess Lu say that she was “trying to be funny”?  Sayin’ she wants a Moroccan Prince but must be the only wife in a room full of Moroccan muthafuckas IS funny! 

Can someone tell Ramona that she should A) comb her hair when attending a fashion show and B) not dance when music is playing.  The music is for the models, boo, not for your ass to wiggle in your seat!

Now the big day of Jill Zarin’s fundraiser.  Shit, let the fight begin.  Ramona started all the shit.  She noticed that there was a lot of signage behind the bar while her ass was lookin’ to score a glass of wine…fucking alkie.  Anyway, Bethenny had her Skinny Girls Cocktail logo up there, as well as some other alcohol companies.  I’ll assume they gave free booze for the event.  Ramona makes a big stink about how B never mentioned her logo and the others would be up behind the bar.  Then Jill Zarin gets all riled up sayin’ how that was valuable ad space and B shoulda said somethin’ beforehand.  She left her a message and was hollerin’ around the venue about how Bethenny is supposed to be her friend. 

Aight, I know this shit is gonna divide some of us, but at this point, although I see Jill’s point, I’m sidin’ with Miss B.  Part of her duty as a committee member was to get free drank for the event.  Is it really THAT big of a deal that the companies/brands (that gave $20,000 worth of alcohol for free) put their names up at the bar?  In the grand scheme or life, to me, it’s not!

Everyone’s showing up for the event.  Simon looks like a gay dominatrix.  There is no tellin’ what kinda kinky shit he and Alex do behind closed doors.  Yuck!  Kelly showed up lookin’ like she got her dress from the Macys Junior’s department.  Just an FYI Kell, being able to see someone’s spinal chord ain’t a good look!  She talked about how Jill Zarin is such a doer and not just a talker like many people in New York – you know….like her ass!

Oh gawd, Ramona is still talkin’ about the SuppleLeftTitty signage.  Get over it already.  She loves to stir the fucking pot.  That’s why she and Kelly get along so well.

Bethenny was with Alex the first time she saw her new logo and loved it.  Bethenny wanted to clear the air with Jill, but Jill wasn’t havin’ it.  B wouldn’t let it go.  I can’t say I blame her.  As shitty as Ramona has been to Jill for two seasons of this show and probably longer, she’s gonna talk shit to her about Bethenny.  They went back and forth and finally Jill told her to leave!  Blew my mind!  Was it that serious Jill that you wanted her to leave after getting a free bar for your fucking event?  Come on now, let’s be rational.

Afterward, Bethenny made a B-line to Ramona’s shit disturbing ass.  Ramona tried to play the high falutin’ manners having bitch role.  Give us a fucking break Ramona.  You ain’t had manners or acted like a lady SINCE this fucking show first aired!  I am so sick of her and that damn GUT talkin’ about how much she works.

Bethenny always being the bigger bitch that she is, went up to Jill Zarin to squash the beef before it got any more outta control.  I WISH I had a friend who’s as good to me as Bethenny!  That’s no bullshit.  She’s such a mature person.  Hard to find bitches, hard to find!

On to the auction, nobody was bidding at first.  Mario was in the audience giving this sick stare to Jill Zarin.  Like he was somewhat glad the auction wasn’t going well, but he woulda been aroused to see her make it work somehow.  I’m tellin’ ya’ll, he has some serious fantasies about himself and Jill Zarin.  Of course, she pulled it off in the end and raised $140,000 for her charity.

No big surprises with the end of the season recaps except that Bethenny has a new man.  WHO?  Simex is writing a book on parenting.  I repeat, Simex is writing a book on parenting.  The same two muthafuckas with the bad ass kids tearin’ up Zarin fabrics, playing the drums with their utensils at a dinner party and spreadin’ food all over their faces!  They can’t even handle their own damn kids, let alone tell someone else how to deal with theirs.  Bullshit.  Ramona launched her product line..you know, the one she can never remember the name of!  Ramario also celebrated their 18th anniversary.  Wonder what he was thinkin’ about that day.  When I say “what”, I really mean “who”.  Lastly, Victoria wasn’t sure if she was gonna return to boarding school.  I have a feeling with all the family drama, she’ll find boarding school peaceful and neutral.

I canNOT wait until the 2 day finale starting next Tuesday.  It’s gonna be some shit ya’ll…AND we have the Jersey bitches next.  When will I eva get sleep!

What did everyone think of the finale?

Vine…in a minute

Comments on: "Real Housewives of NY: Season 2 Finale Recap" (9)

  1. Brittany said:

    LMAO!! I swear I hate you! Dominatrix! you aint lying. I side with B too. If they had no booze then what? I definately feel you on the Countess and all her sh*t bleeding together. She talk way to much. KELLY LOOKED LIKE GOT DAMN PETER PAN IN THAT SH*T!! WTH WAS THAT? Then did you see how she walked like her arms were paralyzed and just dangling! I can’t stand her. I would like to spit in her face! moving on I am glad Jill and B made up. BUT B should have waited until the appropriate time. I think Jill went off more because she was stressed. But B just came charging at her. Ramona is on something. Did you see her hair when she did that little clip and it was all on her head? She trip me out. I like her nutty self though. “Your tu tu in a Tu tu”! He looked a hot stanky dog red head mess him and Alex make my toes curl. Ugh! ok back to work

  2. LOL Ramona was like a tutu and a frufru LMAO! She is CRAY-ZEE! You’re right, B shoulda waited, but I can’t say I wouldn’t have wanted to clear the air ASAP, as well. Yes, Peter Pan! I couldn’t put my finger on it. Why doesn’t Kell know how to dress but was supposed to be a model? Shit, Alex puts herself together betta than that and the only person she models for is that weird ass husband of hers. He looked like the announcer at a circus last night!

  3. Sophie said:

    I was disgusted by all of them on the finale. Luann and her husband have been involved in these charities for two years. That coincides with the filming of this show. In all the years prior, what the hell were they doing? Certainly nothing philanthropic, it seems. Yuck.

    Kelly did nothing for this charity event but donate the service of othes, which apparently never came through.

    Alex was good enough to ‘shoot off a ton of emails’ for the charity. Wow. That took a quick email type up and one keystroke to send it off.

    The rest of them gussied up for the meetings that Bravo filmed, and drank.

    Then they all sat around arguing over who was getting more publicity for their personal ‘brands’.

    Jill, who can drop 16 grand on a purse for herself was only willing to donate $5,000 to her daughter’s charity…and that was only to get people off her back about putting Zarin Fabrics on the stupid sign.

    Nothing about their behavior that night was mature, charitable or even decent.

    They all made me sick, even the few that I actually like, Jill and Bethenny.

    I am really disappointed in them.

    And Ramona……….stop dancing. It’s just so hard to have to watch.

  4. Sophie said:

    Sorry about the typos on my prior post.

    Have you ever noticed how Bobby looks just like the character Tom Cruise created for Tropic Thunder?

    I think that Bobby, Ally and Avery are the only people left on the show that I like now.

  5. @Sophie – I pretty much agree with all you said, especially about Jill Zarin only contributing $5000 out of obligation, but will go to town on a handbag. As far as Bethenny not being charitable, I gotta disagree. I think she did her part as a committee member. Frankly, Jill Zarin shoulda extended the branding offer to Bethenny and the contributors in the first place, if you ask me…which you didn’t lol.

    Yeah, Alex bragged about shootin’ an email to a ton of people, but all they could add to the guest list was 2 people? Big contribution!

    Never saw Tropic Thunder, but now I’m curious lol. I have a feeling the reunion is gonna be ugly! – Vine

  6. Michele said:

    Wow, great recap. I loved the finale. I can’t stop laughing about the final scene, The Dancing Queen and Rico Suave – together at last. What the fuck kind of dancing was that exactly? I loved the reaction shots from people in the crowd. Jill is on the dance floor too with Brad and it looks like she’s trying to shut it down, there’s something going on there. Again, I thought that was the greatest 2 minutes of the whole season.

    The cat fight was inevitable, Jill was stressed and that one thing was enough to set her off. B was fabulous in the runway show and came off okay in the fight. Ramona instigated the whole thing and I think the bitch is a drunk. She’s all about the pinot grigio.

    This reunion is going to be way fugly. I really can’t wait.

    Overall, i thought this was a great season and I hope they keep Kelly for next year. I really do. I could see her and Jill doing stuff and the woman is mad, crazy like that don’t grow on trees. When you find it, cherish it.

  7. I loved the Moroccan fashion show, I thought Bethenny was really funny. I hated the Ex-countess’ backhanded complements about B though. She’s so jealous that she wasn’t invited to walk in a fashion show!

    Ramona’s hair was a total mess at that fashion show. I remember all the girls used to do that lazy ponytail bump after gym class in middle school–maybe Avery is playing a cruel joke on her, she does look to her daughter for fashion advice. I’ve always just ignored Ramona before, but she needs to put a cap on that rude-ass mouth of hers. I can’t believe she started shit between Jill and Bethanny about branding and signage, when she went off on Jill earlier for wanting to use her own logo. Did you see their 30 second clip about the 5 grand? I thought it was funny. At least it fit in with the rest of the show this time. Ramona’s so dumb that when she talking about how great they did with the party she says “Kiddoos to us” instead of “Kudos”.

    I agree that Kelly looked bad in that dress, the spine is not a good look on anyone and I’m pretty sure she was showing some serious rib cleavage.

    Oh boy, the title match between Bethenny and Jill…hmm, I dunno Jill was a little to defensive, and she didn’t really let B talk, but I get she was freaking nervous as hell! I would be too, so I can’t really say who was right in that situation, but when she asked her to leave…I wanted to cry for Bethenny right then. She was so hurt, it must have taken a lot to go back to Jill and be a good friend and calm her down. I don’t think many people would show such love.

    Ramona and Simon dancing was priceless! Chelsey Handler made fun of his outfit on her opening monologue today, I think she called it a gay satan costume. I can’t wait for the reunion.

  8. Oh, I forgot to add, I read on Bethenny’s blog that although she liked Alex’s logo, she ultimately went for a different one.


    The chick on her new logo kind of looks like a duck. I liked the old one better.

  9. katester said:

    Oh my! The season is over! I am so excited about the reunion. The preview clips that I watched are stunning. It makes the OC ladies seem like church ladies!

    Ramona: Her seat-dancing at the fashion show–is that a form of DT’s?
    I loved her silver dress. Seeing her dance with Simon was classic.
    Ramona stirs Jill up like no other. After the meeting, I almost googled the address to the social register, just in case Jill asked me!

    Kelly: OMG, she needs to hire a stylist. The “spinal cord baring dress” was so bad. I really had hoped that she did not receive an award from Jill’s charity.

    Bethenny: I loved her hosting the fashion show! She rocked. She is funny, sorry LuLu. I am so glad that she and Jill made up and she was classy approached Jill before her big speech!

    LuLu: I think some of her jealousy is boiling under that cool surface. I’m thinking the green eyed monster will be appearing on the reunion show!

    Silex: My husband is a fan. Says they seem real. Not sure how to talk sense into him. He has seen the red pants on Simon. If Hubby begins dressing like Simon, he’s out.

    Farewell til next week!
    Vine, you keep up the good work!

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