Where Reality Meets Rhapsody

WHY does Audrina have that Debbie Gibson hat on again?  Lauren and Lo are wrong for not tellin’ her that she looks like a fucking fool.  Evidently, Justin Bobby heard about Hawaii.  I wonder who told him? producers

Lauren’s tryna talk to Stephanie about work and Steph’s talkin’ about a dude.

Heidi and her pump wearin’ co-worker are talkin’ about “Stacie the Bartender” again.  Co-worker said that Stacie needs to “step off already” LOL!  I ain’t heard step off since Big Daddy Kane and New Jack City!  Go white girl.

Stephanie looked like she had boxers on at work!  Her ass was almost hangin’ out.  This bitch is bout to get fired in this episode ya’ll, ain’t she?  She’s talkin’ on that phone like she’s in her living room.  LC told her not to forget to do some shit and Steph said “I’ll try”, then went BACK to the dude on the phone and said “no, it’s not a bad time” LOL!  At least she’s funny.

Audrina is at a work function with some terrible band called “Script” performing.  Does anyone else notice the irony in that? 

Over at Smashbox Studios Lo and LC realize that Steph did not pack up all the right clothes for some shoot!  Duh, LC shoulda checked that shit before she left the office in the first damn place.  Yeah, Steph fucked up, but LC shoulda double checked.  She knows her friend ain’t about shit.  To top it off, this bitch was like call someone else because I’m on lunch!  Her whole day at work is a lunch break. 

Heidi went down to the bar to talk to Stacie the Bartender.  Does Heidi realize how fucking lame she looked sittin’ at a bar ranting about her own fucked up alleged husband boyfriend.

Audrina and her implants went to meet Justin Bobby to tell him that it’s totally over this time!  If it’s over, then why even meet up with this fool?  These muthafuckas love the drama!  HOLD UP…does Justin Bobby have on some Milli Vanilli boots, striped clown socks and capri pants?  Okay, that alone shoulda been why she left his ass!

Does Audrina own a comb?  I mean for real, this flower child “natural” look is a bit over the top.  Comb your damn hair!

Over at Speidi’s, they’re STILL arguing about Stacie the bartender.  Heidi is ranting about how she felt like she was in “satan’s dungeon” while at the bar…then bitch, why did you go down there?  Just because the broad asked you to didn’t mean you had to!  Fucking idiots!

Back at LC and Steph’s job, Kelly just walked in and I KNOW she’s bout to wreck shop!  Yep, just called LC into her office.  Steph’s ass is about to be out of a fake job!  LMAO @ Kelly talkin’ about she hasn’t had a lunch break in 5 years!  I told ya’ll that lunch break shit was bull!  Now she got-ta go by the end of the week!  THIS is why you don’t refer friends to jobs AND let your boss know that you know they ass!

Boring episode if you ask me.

…Vine…in a minute

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