Where Reality Meets Rhapsody

It’s so hard to watch this bullshit after seeing Speidi on I’m A Celebrity actin like assholes, but I’ll do my best!

Heidi and her hair told Steph about the engagement.  She asked Steph to ask LC to come!  First of all, don’t you usually invite people with invitations?  Secondly, this bitch is about to allegedly say I do, but doesn’t have the balls to invite who she wants?  Is she in high school?  If you can’t handle that conversation, then you damn sure can’t handle a sham of a marriage!

DAYUM!  I didn’t know Audrina had a big ass prison tattoo on the back of her neck! 

Over to lunch with LC and Stephanie, LC gets the news.  LC ain’t feelin’ the invitation, but we know in the end she went@@ 

Charlie, Spencer’s friend, has on jeans so fucking tight that I am CERTAIN he won’t be able to produce usable sperm for his wife one day!  Men, it is not cute in any way, shape or form to have on jeans tighter than bitches wear.  Charlie encouraged Spencer to make up with LC, but that went over like a lead balloon!

Heidi, Steph and some strange faced girl went to try on gowns at Monique Lhullier.  She knows that LC isn’t planning to come to the wedding so she’s sad.  How does one stand in a $20,000 gown that she surely got for free and not have a smile on their face?  That’s why I don’t like her and Spencer.  They are obnoxious and ungrateful!

All the girls are together, minus Heidi, sippin champagne and talkin about Heidi’s wedding.  I’m sorry, but I don’t get it.  I have fallen out with friends over the years.  Hollywood has fallen out with friends over the years…I’ve never heard of broads being this upset that a particular friend isn’t in their life anymore.  This is borderline obsessive! 

Awkward moment between Jayde, Brody and Audrina.  Now Jayde is just showing herself to be a drama queen.  If you’re so pissed at Audrina, why would you walk into a spot and sit down at her table?  Bullshit! 

Heidi’s now begging Spencer’s evil ass to apologize to LC, but he gave her a firm NO!  She gave him an ultimatum. 

Over at Audrina’s rented Hollywood house, she and Steph are dissecting the Brody/Jayde situation!  They think Brody should tell Jayde to get over it.  Here’s what they don’t understand.  Jayde is his woman, period.  He really doesn’t give a fuck about Audrina being uncomfortable.  He hit it and quit it…she should move on, too!  That’s what happens when you fuck other people’s boyfriends!

Over at People’s Revolution, Heidi stopped by to handle deliver a wedding invitation to LC.  I love how LC is so honest.  Ummm, I don’t really get why you want me there LOL!  I love it.  Ewwww look at Heidi’s FACE!  Age is not being good to her.  I think there was some truth to this “scene”.  Heidi has changed who she is to be with Spencer cuz she and Spencer are a money making machine together.  Bitch basically sold her soul for the almighty DOLLA!  I think those were real tears she was trying not to shed.  At the core of her is a person who knows good and fuck well they lost their soul!

Now to add salt on the wound, Spencer just called LC to apologize.  I think she really doesn’t want to attend this bogus ass wedding, but hey, she signed a contract!

Speaking of busted relationships, Lo said the other day on her Twitter that she’s now single!  Who the hell was she dating?  How can they film a show and we never see Lo with a boyfriend?  Further proof that this shit is fake!

…Vine…in a minute


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