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Rihanna the Ripper…


In spite of Rihanna’s rep saying that RiRi and Los Angeles Lakers star Andrew Bynum are not an item, our sources tell us otherwise!

We give her until after the hype of the Lakers winning the championship (Vine’s prediction) dies down, before Rihanna the Ripper will be on to someone new!  Baby girl is too young to spreading herself (and her legs) so thin.

…in a minute

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Comments on: "Rihanna the Ripper…" (17)

  1. rihanna i love you and your song “te amo” i love so much

  2. rihanna i love youuu and your new song”te amo” i love so much and i listen every dayy

  3. Nikki Dukes said:

    RiRi, if I ever meet a celebrity in real life, I want it 2 b u. I love ur music!! U r soooooooooooooooooo talented. I have all 3 of ur CDs.

  4. tier brown said:

    te amo is the best song ever. I love yo music. No homo but u look sexy and ya i gotta go now.

  5. Rihhana u look so preety there but no one likes u no more cuz u gave crist brown herpis

  6. yes she can give her that becouse its nessesary fir people to forgive and forget

  7. linda shala said:

    rihann I love you forever and you song TE amo is ver beautiful
    From Kosova

  8. whats her lastname

  9. rihanna is hot, she can date everyone she wants to date

  10. Noooooooo… Andrew stay away from that devil worshiping smutbag!!!

  11. Child please…Rihanna done moved on to a few different men since we posted this LOL! Justin is tapping that. – V

  12. rihana babie,i love you so much and i will always do..i wanna marry you if you can be considerate..alot of kiss and hugssssss

  13. I love you so much Rihanna!If I willl be given a chance to meet you ,I would be very happy..^_^”

  14. just six and very important words

  15. Annelisa Ogle said:

    Girl you are so hot!I REALLY LIKE YOUR STYLE

  16. Rihana i wish u to be morethan what u are now.and i wanna to see u in ETHIOPIA.I LOVE U

  17. rihanna i kiss you ,wish to be happy

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