Where Reality Meets Rhapsody

I’m 22 minutes in and have been to busy shaking my head at this bullshit to type.

One thing became clear to me right away.  Jacque has chosen sides; she’s clearly ridin’ wit the Manzos!  Think back to how certain Jacqueline was about WHAT Dina and Caroline said about Danielle and HOW they said it.  Now all of a sudden when Danielle says that she did try and get the group together prior to the table flippin’ fete, Jacqueline barely let out an “I don’t recall that”mumble under her breath.  Caroline was on her ass like white on rice and Jacqueline has definitely learned her place in the Manzo food chain.  Evidently, it’s pretty fucking low!

Hollywood will totally disagree with me, but I gotta be honest…Danielle is starting to grow on me!  I thought she looked like hell tonight, but she’s growing on me nonetheless!  I just really hate when a bunch of broads sit with their noses turned up at one in particular as if she’s beneath them.  The truth of the matter is none of them New Jersey bitches are perfect.  Danielle’s a con artist, but she was right.  At any given time someone could take a picture of their lives and make it “the book”. 

I just saw Jacquelineshed tears about the miscarriages.  Was it just me or did could ya’ll see in Danielle’s eyes that she wanted to console Jacque?  She’s tacky and arguably a bad mother, but I don’t think she’s a malicious person.  I really don’t. 

Jacqueline is a grown ass, married woman with 3 children.  Caroline, PLEASE let her speak for herself!  Please!  Is that shit too much to ask?  When Caroline started that bullshit blame game on Danielle for the breakdown between Chris, Jacqueline and Dina, I could see the pre-arranged Manzo agreement unfolding.  Jacqueline and those injected lips couldn’t get a word in edgewise.  Glad Danielle asked her to speak up ON HER OWN!

Speaking of, did ya’ll see them damn lips?  She looked like a whole damn family of bees stung her in the lips!  Like Caroline hit her in the mouth with them tits! 

Teresa is officially the dumbest housewife in history!  Jacqueline’s newborn baby is smarter than Teresa.  Straight up!  I could literally sit here and type the reasons until Thursday’s show airs and wouldn’t be stumped! 

Just when I thought I’d give Teresa a little bit of credit, she turned around making ridiculous comments about gays.  Whenever you justify bigotry by saying that you have ___ friends, have had ___ people in your house, or love ___ people, yo ass is a bigot!  Even Andy’s boring ass said he was offended by the comment, but she just turned around and inadvertently called him stupid!  If we had to wait for Teresa to think before she speaks, she’d never say a word!  And what’s up with Andy announcing he’s gay…as if we didn’t know that shit!

Finally, Andy brings up the alleged mafia connection.  Caroline was tremendously offended by the accusations from the media that the Manzos are involved in organized crime.  She said 100% it’s untrue, PERIOD!  Dina shed some tears.  Not sure why; she wasn’t even married to her second meal ticket husband when his father passed away. 

Looks like they’re saving the Danielle gang bang for Thursday!  Why drag this shit out, Bravo?  Just keep the show on for 3 more damn episodes.  Problem solved.

One down, one to go.  What did ya’ll think about tonight’s episode?

…Vine…in a minute

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