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We know that a lot of you follow Hollywood & Vine to read our recaps on different reality shows.  Yes, the Atlanta Housewives will be back in 29 days, but what are ya’ll watching now?

Leave a comment and let us know what shows you wanna see us recap.  We need some incentive to watch the bullshit on tv right now.

…in a minute

Comments on: "What Are Ya’ll Watching?" (7)

  1. I didn’t realize season 2 started July 30, yea! In the meantime….hmmm….I’m wondering the same thing you ladies are, ‘what the hell should I watch’. I do watch the bachelorette on Monday night. They are down to the final 4 so you could still pick up on that.

    Have you ever watched an episode of NYC Prep on Bravo? It came on after the finale of RHNJ? I’d love to read your thoughts on those ‘lovely’ children! I think in the previews one young man preceeded to say “Everyone’s doing drugs and everyones having sex with everyone.” Um nice!

  2. @Jizzle – I did record NYC Prep, but haven’t watched it yet. I could do that one. I am glued to the Bachelorette, so I can pick up on that better now that most of th load is gone. I’ve been anxious to talk about Jillian’s constant side to side tongue action when she speaks. It’s quite annoying LOL. This has to be the slowest series of the Bachelorette yet.

  3. It is a little slow, and I can’t understand why she doesn’t see through Wes. I mean how many people have to tell her he’s a snake before she believes it? Oh well!

    I did think of another show that I stated watching this week, Tiny & Toya. I sometimes can’t stand to listen to Tiny talk but the show was too bad this week. I’ll give it one more week and make my decision after next week’s episode.

  4. katester said:

    I have been watching HGTV…I did watch NYC Prep but I did not enjoy it!
    I kept thinking these kids were bratty.
    Esp. the one whose parents live in the Hamptons and only visit once a week.

  5. @jizzle – I think Jillian being fixated on Wes is why her ass is single! She wants what she can’t seem to get in her grasp. Notice she was trippin’ that he might have come there in order to launch his career? Says a lot about her if you ask me…combine that with her looking like a damn groupie while he was singing w/his band. Horrible! Maybe she’s not as righteous as she wants us all to believe. Maybe she craves the limelight?

    Hollywood wrote her thoughts on Tiny & Toya. I’ll post them in a minute. I can’t watch that bullshit.

    – Vine

  6. @katester – Okay, now I gotta watch NYC Prep. I’ll try to have my comments posted later tonight.

  7. Aw, one more (damn I guess I do watch a lot of TV). Kendra, every Sunday night on E.

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