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Before I say what I really think, first I’d like to congratulate Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga (LOL) on their newborn son, David Daniel Otunga, Jr.  Mother and child are healthy and happy, which is most important!

Now…REALLY JENNIFER HUDSON?  Really?  You are engaged and planning your wedding for the love of Peter, Joseph and all the saints!  You and that man couldn’t wait till you said “I do” to get pregnant?  Ya’ll couldn’t have been more than 6 more months from the wedding date.  Come on now. 

What is wrong with people nowadays?  Does anyone give a shit anymore or are we a nation full of people who don’t give a fuck about having babies without being married?

I know some of ya’ll are gonna be mad at me, but I don’t give a damn!  It’s how I feel.  There’s a reason shit wasn’t so crazy in the old school.  People had home training.  Folks out there having babies like they’re going out of style.  I’m tired of people and their baby mamas and their baby daddies.  You can call it a fiance, but shit’s still the same.  Please believe it.

…in a minute…Vine

Comments on: "Jennifer Hudson Gives Birth…" (5)

  1. Brilliant blog, my brother.

    How much is anyone willing to bet that J-Hud and Dave Otunga don’t even make it to the altar now? Even if they do, it’s most likely gonna end in divorce.

    Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched, ladies. I can’t tell you how many girls I know who allowed themselves to get pregnant because they THOUGHT that their boyfriends @ the time were gonna marry them. It always ends up the same way every time, yet people never seem to learn. Childbirth changes the game in a MAJOR way.

    It’s just a shame that an accomplished woman with an excellent singing career and an Academy Award is only helping to set a bad example for young women everywhere. And with some dude from a reality show @ that! Just think about that for a second, folks. An Academy Award Winner/R&B diva…with a reality show contestant?!? Where they do that @?


  2. @JohnnyAce – Thank you. I bet you’re right. I’ll be shocked if they actually walk down the aisle. If I’m wrong, I’ll eat those words here on the blog.

    You make a great point. How are you going to be setting examples and breaking down even more boundaries by being a Academy and Grammy Award winning superstar, yet you do some stereotypical bullshit like this? I’m tired of folk taking us back 100 years! – Vine

  3. Agreed! and I have never quite been able to get over the fact that he (David) was originally lovin’ him some New York! He jumps from that hot mess to Jennifer Hudson?? Guess we’ll see what’s to come!

  4. @jizzle – Yeah, that whole reality tv shit to hooking up with Jennifer Hudson always made my stomach turn. Not that I dislike reality tv, obviously, but it was I Love New York for the love!! I hope this man does not break her heart!

  5. Brilliant blog, my SISTAS!!

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