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“If it doesn’t make me money, I don’t do it!”  Ya’ll know that’s Lisa Hartwell’s show opener on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, right.  So, did going into foreclosure become a new way to make money when you’re the homeowner?  I’m just askin…

According to papers obtained by TMZ, Lisa and Ed Hartwell’s Georgia mansion went into foreclosure and has already been resold by the bank.  Lisa and Ed are reportedly settled into a new home that they “own”.

Lisa fired back Tuesday morning on Twitter saying:

“Ppl hear or read what they want to hear or see. We were Not booted from our home nor are we living under a bridge lmao! Thanks 4 the sppt.”

I have one word…semantics!  I’m sure they weren’t booted.  They probably moved out before they had to. 

Listen, this is why we were so tough on Lisa during Season 1.  Just keep it real.  Foreclosures happen to many people for many reasons.  Whatever reason the bank took her home and sold it for far less than the loan amount, this could be a good way that Lisa, as a realtor, can educate others.  But no, she’s too busy concerned with keeping up this baller, shot caller image@@  Please girl.  Ed driving that Armada and lookin’ like he ain’t had a haircut since the season 1 finale ruined that honey!

I won’t even get on her being a realtor…I can’t.  It’s too early!

…in a minute…Vine

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Comments on: "Lisa Hartwell, is foreclosure the new black?" (3)

  1. It almost makes the show a joke (Kim has no money, Sheree foreclosed, rumor had it Nene’s family was having money issues). I mean she’s on the show like shit don’t phase her, she can do whatever, buy whatever . . . and then in the background, oh PS my home is in foreclosure. Apparently all those businesses she has aren’t paying the bills. It’s sad because it’s happening all over the country right now, but the rest of the world isn’t on a reality TV show flossin. And can we have a moment for poor Ed’s hair. He had more uneven grown out clumps on his head! My husband commented on that right away!

    Keep it real Lisa, keep it real!

  2. @jizzle – Let us pray! Heavenly Father, we pray today that thy will be done to Ed Hartwell’s head. Lord, please bless Ed with some clippers and a really tight fade, Father. In Jesus name we pray, Amen!

    Of course, I agree with you! This shit is whack. I haven’t even watched last week’s episode yet. Seriously, I think this is a “teachable moment” she has on her hands and she’s thrown it down the drain because of her pride. Get over yourself!

  3. hey lisa this is nesha cooper who you met at golden coral last night and i gave you my number i really hope you call me and im happy that you came and talked to me and my mama

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