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This is why white folks love segregated clubs!  These assholes (no pun intended) up in the club actin’ a complete donkey!  What kind of nasty bitch let’s someone go down on them in fucking public?  You have to be a low self esteem havin’ ass broad to do some shit like this.  Black people, black people, we have to do better than this!

Not only is this shit shameful, but it’s disgusting!  What’s worse is that not a single nigga in their crew looks appalled by this tom foolery!  They’re too busy pushing her ass up to make sure he can get all up IN the coochie!  SMH!!

If you have any friends that find this photo cute, then you need to drop them as soon as you leave this blog.  Clearly, we’re gonna have to shun niggas into change since even a black President had no impact!

By the way, if you know any of the people in this photo, please let us know how to contact their ignorant, nasty ass!

…in a minute…Vine

Comments on: "Actin A Complete Donkey in the Club…" (2)

  1. Naaaaaas-ty. Fucked up shit like this happens at WHITE college frat parties too, so don’t be too hard on your race. People a nasty across the board.

  2. @Jen – But girl, when you’re in college you’re a teenager LOL! These are grown MoFos actin’ like this…and they probably have kids at home. smh

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