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Unless you live under a rock or in Fresno, you surely know that Michael Vick has signed a 2-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles.  I can actually speak for Hollywood on this one, too!  GET OVER IT!

I am so sick of people talking about this man and those fucking dogs.  Listen, I was just as mad as the next person when he got caught up in the whole dog fighting scandal.  However, the man temporarily lost his job, probably some family, friends and fans, his large contract, the respect of countless people in his life, AND HE SERVED HIS FUCKING TIME!  What more do some of you want from him?  I am serious.  You complaining ass people who are mad that the NFL gave him a job, for peanuts by the way, tell us what else you think Michael Vick should go through.

What gets me are people saying shit about how inhumane it was to fight dogs and that they deserved better than that.  Well, doesn’t a fellow human being deserve forgiveness, especially after they served their time for a crime?  What happened to that?  Fake ass Christians and do-gooders make me sick!

If you Eagles fans don’t want him there, don’t go to the games or watch.  It’s that simple!  Instead of going to the games and booing everybody and their mother, just stay your ass at home.  Trust, there are plenty of people who will take your place and enjoy the season. 

White people do crazy, illegal shit all the time that puts themselves and other PEOPLE in harm’s way, do ZERO jail time and nobody says shit but “welcome” when they make a comeback.  Michael Vick’s black ass goes to jail and loses damn near everything and you people are still pissed.  Tired of hearing about it!

…in a minute…Vine

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Comments on: "Michael Vick, Back in the Game???" (9)

  1. Amen!

  2. @jizzle – It’s a mess the things people are saying about Vick. Read today that people think the Eagles fans should throw dog shit at Vick to see if he REALLY likes dogs now! What the fuck??? – Vine

  3. Yea it’s a little rough. My husband had a good point . . . that other NFL player Donte Stallworth, kills a MAN while driving drunk at 7 a.m. and he gets 24 days in prison and 1 year suspension. He will sit this year quietly and when he comes back next year no one will flinch.

    I am all for animal rights and I think what Michael Vick allowed to happen/took part in was fucked up but there are bigger issues in the world and the man served his time for the crime. I swear people would rather it have been humans he was doing this too! People get soooo crazy over animal rights.

    I guarantee some crazed fan will throw something at him this year. Dog bones, shit, you name it they’ll chuck it!

  4. @jizzle (b/c there are so many other people commenting on this post) – What is with this crazy shit about animal rights? Again, I love animals and all, but so-called activists like PETA seem to care more about the well being of pets than people! Vick has children and is a talented athlete. That’s his job. Would they rather he NOT work and have kid out there who aren’t being fed or properly taken care of in order to get justice for those “poor dogs”? Get the fuck outta here with that! – Vine

  5. I just don’t think any convicted felons should be allowed to play in the NFL, Vick or anyone else. Being a professional athlete is a privilege, not a right. There are lots of other jobs he could qualify for. I’m all about forgiveness and second chances, but to me this sends the wrong message to kids who look up to these athletes as role models.

    Just my humble opinion.

  6. @Jen – On the flip side of your opinion, what message does it send to kids who might grow up and make a horrible mistake to see that after they’ve served their time, they STILL have to be punished? Just askin…Playing football is his gift. Had the AFL or CFL picked him up to use his gift, people would be pissed about that, too imo.

    I know this won’t be a popular POV, but to me being a drug addict is more harmful to the human race than what Vick did. So with that train of thought, I’d like to know why everyone has welcomed the Denver Nuggets “Bird Man” with open arms after successfully battling his out of control addiction to meth and coke, allegedly? Why foregiveness for him and not Vick? – Vine

  7. Like I said, no convicted felons in professional sports, drug addicts included. I just can’t see what Vick did as a “mistake” or and “accident” he owned that dog kennel for a long time, and that to me seems like a deliberate and premeditated act.

    There’s lots of jobs out there for ex-athletes, he could coach, be an announcer, teach, write a book, open up a bbq chain and call it “Pitbulls” LOL, there’s lots of possibilities. Most people who serve time in prison don’t get out and get to go right back to the career they had before, but them’s the breaks. Those are the consequences for doing something illegal.

  8. @Jen – I say “horrible mistake” cuz from what I understand, he didn’t participate beyond being the homeowner and allowing his dumbass cousins to use his money in an unwise way. Of course, I haven’t seen his 60 minutes interview yet. He might have said something other than that. However, it wouldn’t change how I feel.

    I just feel like people put more value into the lives of animals than human life. But come on now, if he were a coach, sportscaster or any of the things you named, people would be even more outraged!

    And LMAO @ a bbq chain called Pitbulls!

  9. The indictment, which he was convicted on, details that he was VERY involved with the training, gambling, and matches. He was also involved in executing unwanted, under performing dogs. He didn’t, and couldn’t blame this all on his cousins. He was a very active participant.

    Here’s an article about the indictment:

    And here’s an article/interview with a dog fighting insider that claims he saw Vick at many dog fights.

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