Where Reality Meets Rhapsody

Just laughing at the opening.  Kim said “In Atlanta, money and class give you power”.  Then I guess she has zero power in the Atl.

Sheree is so pretentious, talkin about she and her friend Tania are both married or dating professional athletes.  Isn’t Sheree single though?  Now that Anthony dropped her ass, she ain’t having her Coming to America party.  She’s going for something small now.  Give it up!

Oh Lord, Ed is STILL talking about returning to the NFL.  As if it’s his decision.  Of course Lisa’s gonna be more supportive of him this season because there’s no chance that his ass will be back in the league.  But if someone picks him up and KEEPS HIM, I wish him luck.

NeNe, being the bigger woman that she is, called Kim and asked to meet so they could put the bullshit behind em.  We’ll see how this works out.

Kim knows she’s a damn liar talkin’ about she was never with Big Papa for his money.  We ALL saw that short, ugly man!  We know better.  Now I will give Kim props for wanting to return overpriced bullshit to stores now that her human atm isn’t in her life.  Maybe Sheree shoulda kept kickin’ it with her cuz she has a little bit of sense.  She might not can sing, but she knows that she don’t wanna spend till she goes broke!

Why is Kandi even reading fucking blogs?  She should know better than that!  We rarely have warm and fuzzy thoughts about celebrities.  Why does she care?

Sheree, here’s a tip.  If you feel like you might not be safe in your new home and/or remote area, don’t get on national tv and describe the isolated area you now live in dumbass!  What is wrong with her?  I could find her house based on her description alone.  So instead of using common sense, she’s at a gun range with her friend, Tania.  This bitch tryna point the gun upward.  Did ya’ll see how fast Tania took that shit from her like “bitch you ain’t killin my ass on national tv!”  And what the fuck was Sheree wearing?  How are you a designer, but can’t style yourself?

Over at the cantina with Kim and NeNe.  They kept it real with each other.  I gotta admit, I did enjoy watching the two of them and their friendship rekindling!  They are a lot of fun and even though they dislike each other again, I think that they really do like each other a lot deep down.  If they weren’t on this damn show, I’m sure they’d be fine.  NeNe looked drunk as a Ned the Wino by the end of the scene.  Loves it!

I’ll say it again…KANDI, LISTEN TO YO MAMA!!!!

Over at the fertility doctor, Lisa and Ed are talking about how tough it might be if her old ass has another kid.  Ed is a clown.  Of course nobody thinks they are going to have issues when having a kid over 35, but it’s a reality.  Be thankful for the blessing ya’ll have with the one you have and keep it moving. 

Kandi over at her mama’s house lookin’ like one of the Good Girls in that plaid skirt.  And what is an “unt”?  Just asking.  OMG, this nigga has FOUR baby mamas?  FOUR?  Kandi, come on now girl.  I’m being for real.   That is too much!  Too much!!  Her “unts” can talk about how if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, but they don’t have Kandi’s money or Kandi’s daughter either!!  I just don’t get why people walk into situations like this…inviting potential drama into their lives.

Over at Lisa, her sucka for love ass husband is making a romantic dinner for her.  Did ya’ll hear this man say “Chili-N” sea bass?  Dead…Chili-N!!!  If you can’t pronounce it, then you shouldn’t be eating OR cooking it!  OMG, he’s killing me.  “Vinegarette”!  Make the laughter stop, please!  Vinegarette!

Wooo Jazze Pha is a big one! 

Time for Sheree, Kim and NeNe to get together.  What the hell does Sheree think when she’s getting dressed to walk out the house?  She always looks a mess.  Kim with that helmet in case they tried to hurt her was fucking funny!  Seriously, I think that Kim was telling the truth.  She even admitted that she said Sheree was bouncing checks at Neiman Marcus for buying shoes ROFL!  Why lie about some other stuff and not that.  I think Sheree is full of shit!  How she gone call Kim trailer trash when Kim had money long before Sheree came up on Bob?  We done already told ya’ll how Sheree was rollin’ before Bob started fucking with her.  Now she wants to act like she invented the word class.  Bitch please!

Vine…in a minute

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