Where Reality Meets Rhapsody

Back at FAB, Kim, NeNe and Sheree are about to get down outside of a restaurant filled with people trying to enjoy a damn meal while they’re acting like wild banshees!  Did ya’ll not love all the employees looking out the front door to see what happened?  Kim cracked me up talking about Sheree wanted to live off of what Bob gave her, but he ain’t give her shit!  Kim has really grown a set this season and I love it!

Over in NeNe and Lisa’s old neighborhood, they’re walking tryna get NeNe her brick house body back.  Work bitch!!  It’s funny how Lisa and Sheree keep throwing the crazy word around with Kim when they were the ones either pulling Kim’s hair or talking about flipping her over a couch! 

Miss Dwight Eubanks is preparing for his 50th birthday.  He is such a DIVO.  I love it!  “I want you to act like a bird, feel like a bird.  I want to see breasteses!”  He is out of his mind!  Why do gay men love tits so damn much?

Looks like Kandi will meet NeNe and Sheree for the first time at Miss Eubanks’ party.  This fool has people swinging from the ceiling.  OMG, HE is swinging from the ceiling from a tire!  Poor Kandi is probably still traumatized by Dwight molesting her ass.  Sheree steadily thinking that someone is just like her ass.  No, Sheree, you and Kandi are not alike.  Kandi worked hard for her money to support herself and her kid.  She didn’t come up on a rich dude and try to milk him dry just cuz she gave good head.

Kandi scored some points with me by not judging Sheree’s dumb ass based on what she’s heard around town.  Good for her.  She’ll find out soon enough that it’s probably all true!

Here’s Lisa and Ed meeting with someone about a new clothing line.  Lisa had like 4 businesses last season and we ain’t heard word the first about them, but she’s tryna open anotha one!??  What is wrong with her?  She has the attention span of a fly!  Now she and Sheree are battling about who’s really a designer and who isn’t.  Please, they both need to quit.  Neither sketches, neither sews and neither of them knows the real about fashion to the point where they have any business doing shit but put their name on a project…like every other damn “celebrity”.

Oh no, Lisa’s designers just called NeNe plus size!  This shit is not gonna go well at the fitting.

Lisa is visiting NeNe.  They are the drinking wine in the afternoon-est women I’ve eva seen!  Speaking of, T-Boz and Kandi are together hanging.  They obviously have a nice friendship.  Hold up, AJ is 34 and has SIX KIDS?  She be leaving out information about this negro.  He is not the one, Kandi.  Please open your eyes. 

Time for Sheree’s housewarming.  Why does she always choose a hairstyle that makes her look 10 years older than she is?  That shit is not cute.  Oh shit, Tania just went in on NeNe AND Lisa.  What the fuck was THAT bitch’s problem?  She called NeNe fat!  She was hatin’ on Lisa cuz she has beautiful, long hair.  Bitch, mind your business!  Damn she was rude.


This episode bored the shit out of me.  What did ya’ll think?

Vine…in a minute


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