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Starting off with Lisa and Ed.  Mama Wu called asking her and NeNe to fly to L.A. for her granny’s birthday.  Lisa’s mother is a black woman.  Why does she sound like her maiden name is Wu? 

OMG, Kim’s new nanny just told her daughter that she was going to hell for rapping a prayer!  Whoa!  Why the fuck didn’t Kim fire that bitch on the spot?  She walked upstairs and bitched about it to her assistant.  Honey, fire her ass!

I love NeNe, but damnit if she ain’t kuntry!  “Stubbren”, NeNe?  Stubbren? 

Over at Drexina’s, Kandi is talking about her upcoming photo shoot.  She needs to start putting her new artist photos together she starts approaching labels for a new deal.  She’s gonna throw in an engagement shoot AND a family portrait into the session.  Now I’m starting to see why NeNe is gonna call her ass ghetto later on in the episode.

Kandi and AJ are at dinner lyin!  They know good and hell well that they have some kinda drama with at least one of his four baby mamas.  Bullshit.  I never would, EVA!

NeNe is out her mind tryna get all the “ladies” together with their kids for some King Tut event.  This is going to be a train wreck of Britney Spears on the MTV Awards proportions! 

Kim’s tryna get her wig touched up when her kids call.  The crazy ass nanny left the kids alone so she could go get a tampon.  Even the older daughter told her to just use one of her mom’s.  Nope, the bitch left.  Kim better not let that ho pass go.  Send her home for the last time.  Who does shit like that?  I know Kim was pissed she didn’t get to finish that glass of wine.  When she told her stylist that she drank 7 glasses already that day, I believe her!

Over at the studio, Kandi and company are getting her ready for the photo shoot.  Her mother is giving AJ the serious side eye.  This is going to be hilarious.  How’s her mom gonna start suckin on a chicken bone after she gets her make up done?!!  Wow, granny, Riley and Kandi were ready for a shot with AJ and granny bounced.  Kandi said if things don’t change, she and AJ won’t be getting married.  She knows he ain’t right for her!  That’s why she’s so quick to throw that shit out there!  This marriage is not gonna happen.

NeNe hit Lisa’s gym for a workout.  She’s fightin’ it, but Lisa’s workin’ with her.  Now that is one thing Lisa is fully committed to…her body/health!  I ain’t mad at her.  They’re tryna hook Sheree and Dwight up.  Well, we all know she’s fucking with Al B. Sure now (allegedly).  OMG, OMG, did ya’ll see Miss Eubank’s dick bulging out the left side of his skin tight leather pants ROFL!  Dwight thinks he’s slick.  He did that shit on purpose to let his potential suitors know he was packin a mean punch LMFAO!  Woo lawd, I canNOT!  It’s too early to see Divo penis!

Over at King Tut, it’s about to go down.  Kandi and AJ showed up with Riley.  His anti-social ass got a drink and proceeded to stand in the corner text messaging someone.  Hmmm.  Kim’s drunk, as usual.  Does she even care that she has to leave there and drive her kids home while she’s under the influence?  Just askin…Lisa and Sheree show up, too.  I don’t like those two, but damnit if they didn’t have me crackin up singing “there’s a tight rope…between me and you”!  Hollywood sings that shit at least once a week!  Kim befriended Kandi, natch!  Kandi’s so sweet that she invited her to the studio to hang out with other music industry folk.  Please, please catch that shit on tape, Bravo!!  NeNe told Kandi she was gonna come and started singin’ “Tardy to the Party”!  Kandi just doesn’t seem to like NeNe cuz if she did, she’d know that was just her sense of humor, nothing more.  No need for all the eye rollin’ and shit!

Miss Eubanks and NeNe are at a furniture store clownin’ the shit outta AJ!  “Does he work…or is he in between gig?”  We hear he used to be in pharmaceutical sales (allegedly). 

Lisa and her brother Andre are getting ready to visit Cali.  Poor thing, she lost her older brother 3 years ago.  Damn.  I feel for her. 

Cannot end on a sad note, so I’ll say this.  If Kandi becomes “friends” with Kim, it’ll be her biggest mistake besides tryna marry a nigga with six kids and FO baby mamas!

…Vine…in a minute

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Comments on: "Real Housewives of Atlanta: S2 Episode 4" (6)

  1. The King Tut event was just kinda weird. It almost seemed like NeNe was jealous that Kandi was chatting with Kim. It was not a shining moment for NeNe, but I agree that Kandi should have had more of sense of humor about it. Also, what was with Kim’s oldest daughter standing up behind NeNe and mocking her while she was trying to talk to everybody? Somebody should have slapped that little girl. Did you guys see that?

    Even though I think Kim is dumb, I think the other girls, ie Sheree and Lisa, need to lay off a bit. They’re just making Kim look better with their petty behavior.

    Totally agree about Kim’s drinking though. I really hope she had a driver that night. I also think for someone who’s trying to get pregnant, Lisa really needs to lay off the booze too. When I was trying I didn’t touch alcohol, and I’m way younger than Lisa. She’s all concerned about complications on one hand while filling up her wine glass with the other. Dumb!

  2. @Jen I thought NeNe was more suspect about whether or not Kim had changed her ways and was giving her ass the side eye for kissin up to Kandi like she did Sheree last season. Noooo, didn’t notice Kim’s daughter mocking NeNe. WTF??

    I agree about the others making Kim look good. She and I now understand each other on Twitter LOL.

    Yeah, what’s up with Lisa still getting her drank own when she’s tryna get pregnant 3 years after the fact@@

  3. Haha, Do all the housewives twitter? Y’all should consider doing another twitter highlights post, ATL housewives edition, to share some of their gems of “wisdom”. I think that would be hilarious.

    Can’t wait to hear what you guys think about the latest episode. Sheree is getting on my nerves more than ever!

  4. Yes, they all have Twitter accounts.

    Good idea. I’ll put together some of their best on show night and post here LOL! NeNe is a fucking riot while the show is on.

    I should be caught up this evening or early Thursday morning in preparation for the new episode.

  5. SoulJourneys622, HBG WordDiva...whateva said:

    Buffoonery/Coonery at its best….

    Lisa – talks to much and becomes annoying trying to outrun her upbringing…I always say represent where you’re from…just because you are from the hood doesn’t mean you are ghetto…some really positive things have come from the worst places.

    Sheree- I have no idea where she is coming from. She is so strange and I always feel like she is on the lam and living under an assumed identity with her fakenes. Her whole swag comes across as plastic

    Kim- would be okay but her constant love affair with all that is Black and her annoying references to these grown ass women as girl irritate the fuck outta me. I know my stuff is politically incorrect but why are all her assistants and nannies suprisingly Black and then in the episode last night her little girl even got in on it…whateva!

    NeNe – is as country as it gets but she is right about Kandi being ghetto…you can’t outrun your roots…plus who in the hell entertains becoming the wife of Father Abraham?

    Kandi- *speechless* She is always acting like she is above all the drama and rightly so because i know she has plenty of sleepless in ATL nights messing with AJ’s ass.

    Dwight – what can you say but ….HE IS THE HOTTEST HOUSEWIFE! I love it!

  6. @SoulJourney622 – Funny as hell! You nailed em all, ESPECIALLY with Lisa and Shereee. “I always feel like she is on the lam and living under an assumed identity with her fakenes. Her whole swag comes across as plastic” re: Sheree, I get that same feeling! From what I understand, she’s been running bullshit scams and acts like this for years honey! Years!

    Loved your feedback!

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