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Today, Ellen Degeneres announced that she will be the 4th judge on the upcoming season of American Idol!  Holy SHIZZ!  You besta work Ellen!  Damnit if Porsia didn’t come up!

Is this not the best thing to happen to that damn show…been dying a slow painful death since that 20 something year old who looked 45 won? 

She said that it’s been in the works for a couple of weeks!  I think what she meant was it’s been in the works since she was a guest judge on Idol’s sister show So You Think You Can Dance.  That was nothing but a working interview to see how fans would respond to her!

Poor Paula Abdul…they’ve been planning to throw her pill poppin ass out fire her since they brought Kara on the show.  Now this!  I smell a Mariah Carey breakdown coming on.

Brilliant Nigel Lythgoe, brilliant!  Now if you could make a decision that great about your shag, we’d all be appreciative.

Click here to watch the announcement!

…Vine…in a minute

Comments on: "Ellen Degeneres – New American Idol Judge" (3)

  1. I’m excited to watch! More reason to watch American Idol. It’s gonna be pure awesomeness…

  2. wow i hadnt seen this yet. hopefully she livens it up because i have lost almost all interest in the show for the last few years. once they get through the 2 months of shitty auditioms bullshit that they air every year, i may actually tune in just to see ellen. does she know anything about music?

  3. Ellen is definitely a music lover and probably not tone deaf, so I think she’ll do great! I’m not really a fan of AI but I think she’ll add a lot of funny moments. I can already imagine her standing in her chair and dancing to everyone’s songs.

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