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The world had to be watching part I of Oprah’s season premiere interview with Whitney Houston.  I know I was and I have plenty to say!

First let me say that Miss Whitney looked great!  Make up was flawless, wig was on straight and she even picked up a little weight.  It suits her much better.  Very nice.  I love that Oprah told her that she thought her public image was contrived and how Whitney acted off stage was the real her!  Basically, Mama Oprah thought Whitney was ghetto as hell like the rest of us and Clive Davis earned his keep by contriving her public persona!

Regarding first falling in love with Bobby Brown, pre-drugs, she said they used to look at each other and start sweatin’.  I don’t know what kinda crazy love that is, but I don’t want no parts of that!  I prefer to smile or wink at my man, not perspire.

With Being Bobby Brown, Whitney said that she had no idea what she signed up for!  She said that she did it for her husband.  How could he have a show about his life and his wife not be by his side?  However, she did tell O “I knew what I was getting into when I had him sign that prenuptial”.  That’s funny, but to me it says that Whitney knew full well what the hell she was doing!  She’s an adult and made decisions all by herseslf.

Whitney said that the drug use started “light” with “cocaine and weed”.  However, when O asked her about smoking crack, she acted somewhat offended.  Noooo, it never went there.  Well, it’s just another form of cocaine boo.  If you “started” with coke being laced in your blunts, then what did it escalate to?  Me thinks Ms. Houston was holding back….A LOT!  She wanted to be clear that she and Bobby were “spending money” on their drugs, not fucking around with crack and small time, cheap shit!  She said they had ounces and kilos in the home at all times.

During her bad times, Whitney said she used to lock herself in her room for weeks at a time watching TV, talking on the phone, listening to gospel and reading her Bible!  Can ya’ll imagine?  A cocaine laced blunt in one hand and a Bible in the other?  I don’t know whether to laugh or cry for her.

She said Bobby spit in her face one night after getting hope from a birthday bash she threw him in Atlanta!  Bobbi Kristina saw it, but she still stayed.  She said he was her drug moreso than the actual drugs!  She didn’t do a thing without Bobby.  But the more bullshit she heard about him and other women and him “dragging dirt into my home” she prayed to God to give her just one day of strength so she could leave!  Finally, she did. 

Oprah asked her about her voice…what was she thinking during that time about her voice.  She said “I had so much money, I wasn’t thinking about that”!  It was another life to her that she’d put behind her.

I love Whitney Houston, always have.  I’m glad that she’s taken control of her life again.  BUT I wasn’t blown away by her supposed opening up today!  What I heard was a lot of denial and finger pointing.  Everything she said came back to Bobby!  Everythang!  She dummed herself down to lift Bobby up.  She did drugs with him.  She was abused by him, physically and emotionally, although she said he never physically abused her in one breath and in the next said he slapped her and pushed her!  He was jealous of her.  He couldn’t deal with a woman as successful and rich as she because he didn’t have his own.  Him, him, him…he, he, he!  The only me or I she used was to say how his actions forced her to go somewhere that was far away from her upbringing!

I hope this is just part of the healing process for Whitney!  I think she still has a thing for Bobby because she seemed like she was sort of protecting him in a strange way.  She needs to take accountability for her bad decisions, make peace with them and move on before we lose her again!

And who takes their kid to rehab?  Just askin…


…in a minute

Comments on: "Thoughts on Whitney Houston’s Oprah Interview: Part I" (7)

  1. I feel bad for their daughter. No wonder she tried to commit suicide. Poor little girl.

  2. Oh yeah, are you guys going to give your thoughts about “Kanye-gate”? I’d love to hear what you two have to say about it.

  3. I know, right? Poor Bobbi Kristina is the real loser in this fucked up ass family. I feel sorry for her, as well. No child should have to learn about the bullshit their parents are doing to one another!

    I was gonna comment on Kanye, but people seemed to be over. BUT just for you girl, I’ll put something up:)

  4. I know the Kanye thing is getting to be old news, but that was still some major shit. Most importantly, your opinion matters to me! Like I said, I’d just love to hear your two cents. I posted two rants I was so annoyed at his “jackass” behavior (Obama’s words, not mine! lol)

  5. First of all, I love that President Obama called him a jackass! I thought the shit was typical Kanye, but the worst of his antics yet! He was wrong for doing that to that girl. But I think that he’s totally fucked up in the head. For real, I think he needs help to deal with the loss of his mother. How do you deal with something like that when you are so close with a person? He has now apologized. He should leave it alone and so should see. If she talks any more about it, then I’ll know she’s in it for publciity!!

  6. Very well said. I think Taylor Swift really did come out a winner on this one, she got tons of super-positive publicity that she didn’t even plan for, and now millions of people who had never heard of her now know who she is. She should send Kanye a fruit basket or something (people are always saying he’s gay anyway) I think he is fucked up in the head, and has a major drinking problem. He was pictured beforehand on the red carpet swigging from a bottle of Hennessy. It was the first award of the night and he just lost his shit. His drunk ass didn’t have the patience to sit through the whole show and see if Beyonce would win, I dunno, VIDEO OF THE YEAR. I’m betting by the end of this month his publicists will force him into rehab, unless he pulls some Amy Winehouse shit and says “no, no, no” and then moves to St. Lucia.

  7. “Fruit basket” almost made me fall off the couch! I agree with all that. Every word. I’m tellin you, if he does not get himself some help after his tour ends, he will lose a good part of his fan base. Two things I’m wondering…Will Amber Rose still be his type of broad in the light of day and is he gonna show his ass at the BET Hip Hop Awards?

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