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Courtesy of MissXpose

Courtesy of MissXpose

Let the sham begin!  Today is the day that Lamar Odom will say I do to giving away half of his small fortune to Khloe Kardashian in 7 months when they divorce…if the first season of their show has finished filming, that is.

Just a few bullet points to catch ya’ll up:

–  Joe “I hit women” Francis threw Lamar a bachelor party at STK, where he made his teammates wait over an hour for his late arrival.  Derek Fisher said fuck it and went home!  Luke “let’s go to Paris so I can talk some sense into you” Walton was not said to be in attendance.  He’s also not a groomsman.  (via TMZ)

– There is still no prenup.  Evidently, Khlomar’s attorney’s didn’t have adequate time to put together a document that will give Khloe enough money when they divorce that was suitable for both parties.  So they’re working on a postnup.  (via Perez)

–  Today’s wedding will not be a legal ceremony.  No marriage license will be signed until after the postnup is complete. (via Perez)

–  Lamar’s own children were not invited to the wedding!  Probably explains why his parents won’t be in attendance either.

–  The entire Lakers team was invited.  Kobe has not RSVPd yet!  (via Baller Alert)

–  Lamar’s baby mama said she did not have a meltdown.  She wants only happiness for him.  She also said that his family has shown her nothing but support.

–  Word is that Lamar is firing all of his “people”.  (via Baller Alert)

My thoughts (Hollywood’s too b/c we’ve talked about it)…since when does Lamar Odom hang around with trash like Joe Francis?  He’s already caught up in the machine and is too dumb to realize it.  Is getting your shine in 2009 that important?  This nigga one step away from selling his soul to the devil behind this bullshit.  Fire your people and let Kris manage your career…your ass will end up selling donuts on Canadian tv like Gary Coleman’s ass.

If it’s truly about love, then why won’t the bitch sign the prenup that was allegedly already presented to her?  Is Lamar color blind cuz we see all kinds of red flags being waved.

Speaking of true love, why the fuck aren’t your kids going to be there?  Wouldn’t you want them to see “daddy” marrying the love of his life?  Wouldn’t you want them to be there to celebrate and share the stinch love that will be in the air?

Kobe ain’t gonna be nowhere near the “intimate” celebration today!  He’s at home getting ready for practice to start…where yo ass need to be, nigga (in my Chris Tucker voice)!  I know Vanessa is mad about this shit.  She is the one who’s supposed to shine at games.  Ya’ll thought she was glittery and shit before.  We ain’t seen nothin yet!

Glad to hear that Lamar’s family is rollin’ with his baby moms!  They know scally wag tom foolery when they see it and won’t be a part of this mockery of marriage taking place today.  By the way, 250 fucking people should never be described as intimate!

UPDATE:  Kobe DID attend the wedding!  I expected more from him.

Donkey of the Year!!!


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Comments on: "Khlomar’s Shotgun Wedding Day Has Arrived…" (7)

  1. This whole thing is a joke! WTF…Khloe & Kris go house shopping but not Lamar? Has he been castrated already? Cuz this man is acting like he’s got no balls at all. He lets white trash (Kardashian family, Joe Francis, and E! Television) run his life & almost definitely empty his bank account. The wedding HAD to be held by 9/27 in order for E! to pick up the million $ tab so they could include it for both reality shows, and Khloe is the one who gets $300k from OK magazine for photo rights (Lamar gets 0).

  2. @ShoreLady – OMG so many things to discuss girl LOL! First of all, did OK Magazine already buy the rights to the photos? You know I agree with everything you said! Every sangle word! I am so disgusted!

  3. Khloe Kardashian’s wedding pictures are worth a six figure sum, according to Celebglitz.com. Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian’s manager-mom brokered a deal with OK! magazine to sell Khloe Kardashian’s wedding pictures for $300,000.

    Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian’s husband, will not get one cent from the deal. Khloe Kardashian’s wedding photos will land an easy $300,000 in the youngest Kardashian sister’s

    Can’t wait to hear Wendy Williams’ take on this tomorrow!

  4. As soon as I click on “submit comment”, I’m going to celebglitz.com. Secondly, Hollywood and I said on Twitter that we were CERTAIN that their pics would be sold to OK! We think the Kim as beauty editor was a part of the deal. We’ll sell the pics to you IF you give Kim this position. Trust, when it’s all said and done, the Kardashian family is ALLLLL about Kim’s fake ass wearing self! Believe it…which I know you do.

  5. @shorelady – And why is Wendy Williams so far up the Kardashians’ asses? I don’t get that. That is my only beef with Wendy. Lamar is a scally wag and he deserves everything coming his dumb ass way for marrying this groupie!

  6. You got a point Hollywood…how do these Kardashians get everyone up their asses? Even Chelsea Lately & her crew love them. I don’t get it. Are those Kardashians performing sexual favors all over town or what???

    And let’s see if a real legal wedding ever takes place…after the lawyers supposedly work out the post-nuptial agreement.

  7. @Shorelady – It’s Vine, not Hollywood LOL! Chelsea Lately works for E! and she has to be up their asses. It’s the E! way@_@. It’s all about the benjamins girl. PERIOD! E! struck gold with these muthafuckas and they have to make it do what it do to keep everyone, including Seacrest, paid!

    They don’t need another wedding to take place. Today’s will be sufficient. All they have to do is sign the marriage license within 30 days of the date that they got the license from the county.

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