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It’s not as fun watching alone without Hollywood, but fuck it.  The show must go own!

Okay, am I the only one who has a moment every time Kandi does the prep in the intro?  Moving on…

Batting lead off is Kim shopping with Kandi.  I hope bitch apologizes for missing her performance.  She ain’t right.  Oh shit, she wants to put off her absence on her kid being sick!  That nappy headed nanny is the one raising those kids, not Kizzie.  Let’s be honest.  Kizzie, how do you “decide” that you love someone?  Is she crazy?  

Over to Lisa and NeNe’s asses.  What abuse did Lisa endure?  She plays the perfect, flawless life role.  Who abused her?  Not being funny; just asking.  NeNe is back to wondering who her biological father is.  Lord, can ya’ll imagine who her daddy is based on seeing her ass in motion?  He must be a COLD PIECE!

Lisa making the rounds tryna stay relevant.  Now she’s at Kandi’s house.  Her clothing line is doing well supposedly and Ed wants to get back on the field.  Well nigga shit, you done, sorry!  Let that shit go.  Find another way to be in the NFL mix.  He can’t be any worse than Rodney Harrison talking about the “PITCHBIRD” Steelers! 

Oh gawd, over to Sheree and her promo video shoot!  She needs to lay this clothing line to rest already.  NOBODY wants to wear her clothes.  I’d rather walk around with Apple Bottom Jeans on than some Sheree shit.  How is she gonna clown Lisa and say she’s not average when EVERYTHING about her ass is average and has been since she met Bob in that fucking bucket?  Keep it all the way real Sheree?  You ain’t fly.  You came up; leave it at that!

Ed needs to give up his hoop (field) dreams and try to find a job commentating.  Nigga you done.  I’m sorry to say, but you are.  Stop letting your dick ego run you and find another way to fool with pro football.  On the field ain’t gone happen.  He still wanna play in the league.  You and everyone else.  You better find some pick up flag football games to get into!  Why are we even discussing this in season 2 of this show?  Ed was done last season.  He confirmed it this season when he was driving around in that SUV on stock!  It’s been time to hang up the cleats.  Nobody has picked you up in 2 seasons.  He acting like it’s his damn choice! 

She by Sheree is NOT classy nor elegant!  What is this bitch smoking?  She needs to listen to Dwight and let that bootleg shit be what it is!  And what it is is NOT elegant or classy!  She feels like Dwight is overbearing because she’s hella janky!  If it were up to her, she’d have yet another fashion show without fashion!  Her diva attitude is going to give her a jacked up clothing line like Eve…keep own.

Kandi is yappin about her new album.  NEXT…

OMG NeNe’s race is on the way.  Dwight looks like a hungry Ethiopian trying on clothes at Forever 21 during their first visit to the United States.  Lord have mercy, I need to go to church on Sundee.  NeNe’s gay friend from L.A. makes a better woman than he does a man!  Do ya’ll see this shit?  For real, I am not joking.  I can’t believe I’m watching this GNR!  You see that Ed did NOT partake in this bullshit!

How did a MAN win a race running in high heels!

Aight, so Lisa’s about to take a pregnancy test while Ed waits.  Damn, she’s not pregnant.  Poor Ed looked hella depressed.

What did everyone think of this episode?

…Vine…in a minute

Comments on: "Real Housewives of Atlanta: S2 Episode 11" (8)

  1. If you recall the only other relationship we know of that Lisa was in, is with someone in the industry, maybe she can’t/or won’t say his name for the same reason Halle Berry wouldn’t mention hers by name but we all speculated who it might have been, could be the same in this situation, after all she still has to deal with said abuser, I’m just saying, I wouldn’t rule him out!

  2. We know she was with Keith Sweat. Had be beat her, we’d know AND he probably wouldn’t have custody of their kids. So what other industry dude are you referring to?

  3. I was lmao at the “Heal the Sole” race, the men were fabulous. . .(except Ed’s ass). I loved that Greg put heels on and ran, what a sweetheart! I have to admit after this season I could do without Sheree and Lisa. I think they could be replaced without anyone noticing. Put Tameka Raymond on this show!

    Kim and her “engagement” ring are killin me. I think it was this episode, one of the wives were calling her out on getting a ring from a MARRIED man who has NO plans leaving his wife and kids. Kim’s just straight up confused!

    Regarding Lisa and her “abuse”, that shits probably not even real. She seems like that type that would twist truths just to fit in and have a story. If a friend was hosting a benefit for rape victims, she’d pop out and all of a sudden have a rape story just so her ass could get up, speak and be recognized.

  4. Lisa coulda had a boyfriend in high school that smacked her around once, we know she comes from a rough neighborhood. Just sayin’.

    As much as I hate Sheree and her arrogance, I think the show wouldn’t be the same without her, she like the wicked witch of the west. Evil, but fun to watch…and then bitch about. Gotta bitch about a bitch, ya know! But hey, I’m with you on letting Lisa go, I think different housewives would be interesting, they’ve changed out those bitches in OC so often, I can’t even keep the botox blonds straight. There’s got to be some more interesting women in ATL.

    I haven’t seen the episode yet, youtube’s been letting me down. I’ll come back when I’m caught up!

  5. The Real Housewives of New York City is a lot more interesting compared to the boring Atlanta housewives.

  6. Alright, I watched it. Lisa probably is calling out her ex husband. Damn.

    Kim with her bullshit at the store, “I don’t really like shopping” Yeah. Fucking. Right. I’m so glad Kandi called her out about the black amex situation.

  7. Oh it posted and you commented, but to expand on my original comment as we know abuse comes in all forms, I remember Lisa’s comments in season 1 talking about a relationship she was in and the person wanted to hold her back from accomplishing her goals and wasn’t supportive, if someone is constantly saying NO you can’t,that can fuck with someone’s psyche

  8. @lorri – Fair enough. I do agree with that. Lisa has put pretty much everything else out there that would make her seem sympathetic to viewers. Why not this until now? Why wasn’t she involved in DeShawn’s organization, but NeNe was from the gate? I just don’t trust that woman! – V

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