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Okay, ya’ll have been hypin us up on Twitter all night.  It’s finally on.  Here we go!

WHAT?  Sheree is meeting Kim for drinks?  Is she for real?  So the two of them are planning Kandi’s engagement party!  Kizzie’s new wig looks great…well great for her.  Lisa is Kandi’s actual friend, but they didn’t involve her in the planning?  This ain’t nothing but them kissing Kandi’s ass.  Sheree and that weave lookin like B Scott!

We love NeNe!  She is the only TRUE housewife on this show.  She’s with her Uncle Mel heading to Athens to meet with her ghost writer.  He’s an old school playa…always lookin’ like he’s going to church!  NeNe’s mama’s house is nice.  Ain’t no tellin’ what she was doing back in the day!  She mighta been running numbers and shit!

Here goes Sheree and her bald headed friend.  Thank gawd she cut that shag off in the back!  Sheree looks like He-Man in that dress.  She better hope her dresses look better on her models, as good as ugly clothes can look on a  model!  That Tanya might be gay.  Just sayin…

WAIT, did Sheree say that she and Dwight brainstormed and put their ideas together?  Sheree ain’t brainstormed nair idea!  Why are they actin like they don’t know what the fuck Dwight is capable of doing?  Ugh, that broad is a shit disturber.

Kandi obviously don’t spend money on clothes!  Her mother looks disgusted to be breathing the same air as AJ!  Kandi, what is agreeance?  You mean agreement, don’t you?  Her mama said out the gate “AJ has six children!”  “AJ, you got FO DIFFERENT BABY MAMAS!”  She is fucking hilarious.  I KNOW her money is her money…translation – nigga it ain’t fixin to be YOUR muthafuckin’ money!  We don’t give a damn.  Kandi is her child, period!  She’s always gonna look out for her.  She don’t give a damn about AJ, God rest his soul, and she didn’t have to.  He was not her responsibility!  Oh my God…CHILD SUPPORT GNR!!!  Wooo Lord have mercy that woman is a cold piece of work…and we love it.

Derek J just arrived at Kizzie’s house, took one look at her and said “what the hell are you wearing”?  She LOOKS like a mistress in that house coat!  That looks like the same fucking wig she just had on a minute ago!  Kim is a damn liar.  She is not spending that kind of money on hair each month.  Clothes, jewelry and shit, maybe, but not no damn synthetic hair!

Lisa and Ed look good together!  OMG her geos Kandi’s mother again!  “I’ve never seen so many children in my life!”  She hated that nigga, straight up and down!  Couldn’t stand him.  And Dwight ain’t making it better co-signing.  Poor Kandi can’t dress to save her life, looking like a southern Cleopatra.  Okay Kim, NeNe’s not even there.  WHY are you talking about her?  If her energy is so bad, then why even bring her up at this “positive” engagement party? 

Did ya’ll see her mama lookin like Kandi’s gonna have to pay for that fucking honeymoon!  She couldn’t even wish AJ well.  She hopes it works out for Kandi!  This episode is giving us everything tonight!

NeNe did not say Curtis bought her first bomber jacket!  She was for real, too.  Loves it.

Dwight Eubanks is too many things!  He said Sheree is about a year behind and “obviously needs help”!  Did ya’ll hear him inspect her clothing?  “Hmmm!  Hmmm?  Hmmm@@”  We love him!

Aww shit, NeNe is not thrilled that she might be getting ready to meet her dad like this.  OMG did ya’ll see this man with sweats on and a headband looking like a Harlem Globetrotter?  Wow, what do you even say to about this?  We really feel for NeNe.  Hopefully she’ll get all of the answers that she’s long since deserved! 

Next week is the finale.  What did everyone think about tonight’s episode?

…H & V…in  minute

Comments on: "Real Housewives of Atlanta: S2 Episode 12" (8)

  1. LOL! We were wondering about the enviormental impact of all of Kizzies hair into the landfills. And CS and I swear Kandi looks like Daffy Duck.

  2. LOL! I never thought of that, but now that you mention it….

  3. Khandi’s mama definitely wasn’t having any of it this episode and doesn’t even try to hide it, I love it! Momma keeps it real.
    Dwight is definitely trying to be the 6th housewife or trying to ensure a role on the gay version that’s coming to LOGO Note: being a Queen doesn’t automatically make you a fashionista however, anything is an improvement over Sheree’s shenanigans of a reveal last season. Love NeNe’s journey and her bravery for allowing this to shared with us.

  4. Oh yes, Dwight should be a shoe in for the LOGO version of the show! I’ll have to upgrade my capable to see it. He’s a definite great addition to Sheree’s “camp”. She needed him years ago!

    NeNe is the shit. How can anyone say that she’s fake after last night? It doesn’t get any more real than that!

  5. OK, did anyone see the nude photo of Kim in the hallway as she was greeting high-heeled man in her hallway while wearing the housecoat.
    Do her daughters need to see that?
    Sheree really, really thinks highly of herself.
    Sorta scares me.
    Seems like Tanya is the yes-man for her.
    Kandi and AJ made me sad. Mama was worried about the child support and did not hide her feelings. AJ was willing to go to a counselor knowing how Mama felt. That took bravery.
    Let’s hear it for the Aunts of Atlanta.
    Both Kandi and NeNe’s aunts were a part of the episode. Shows that they are an important part of these ladies’ lives.
    Liked the extended family at the engagement party.
    Loved NeNe’s aunt!
    Loved that NeNe gave her credit for raising her!

  6. did you see our girl bethanny from RHNYC is preggers? Have u been watching DWTS this season?

  7. Oh YES, saw that this morning! Been running all day and haven’t had a chance to blog about much! Bethenny knows better LOL, but I did congratulate her on Twitter this morning. – Vine

  8. @katester – Agree with all you said and you know I saw that nudie pic of Kim in her house! Self-involved much, Kizzie? Who does that?

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