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Did Sickle Cell Play A Part In AJ Jewell’s Death?

I am so pissed about this!  According to Fulton County Associate Medical Examiner Dr. Kelly Rose, it’s most likely that Jewell was worked up from the fight — and because of his condition, it’s probable that he couldn’t replenish the oxygen he lost during the incident which could have fatal consequences.

First of all, AJ’s parents confirmed that he does not have Sickle Cell Disease, he ONLY has the trait.  Half of you that are black reading this probably have the trait and are just fine!  That truly does not mean much!  But let’s say it does.

Now we’re blaming victims?  What about women dressed provocatively and get raped?  Should they have dressed like a school marm to keep from being violated?  Or burglars who get shot during a home invasion?  Is the home owner now liable for trying to defend themselves?  This is totally outrageous!  Had that man not beat AJ to death, he wouldn’t have had to worry about oxygen not reaching his tissues and vital organs.  I call bullshit on this fabricated excuse conjured up probably by the defense in order to get their fucking client off for murder!

Put his ass BACK in jail (yes, he’s currently out) and throw away the key.  You take a person’s life, you go to jail…PERIOD!

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Khlomar Finally Signs A Prenup…

According to Perez Hilton, Khloe Kardashian finally struck gold came to terms with Lamar Odom’s attorney’s and signed that damn prenup!

Evidently, Lamar will bank roll a joint account while the two of them are “married” and will annually put a lump sum of money into an account for Khloe that she can touch when if they get divorced.  He also bought their new set for their upcoming tv show home.

Not to worry.  Now that the prenup is signed, Kris will design some new shit to keep her cash cow daughter in the news!

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Leo’s New Crush…

is none other than our girl, Whitney Port of The City

Image Source: Nitrolicious.com

Image Source: Nitrolicious.com

You betta work blond girl!  Word is that Leo DiCaprio is smitten with Whitney…even wanting her to relocate back to L.A. to be with him!  He allegedly texts and calls her non-stop, even pays for her flights to and fro L.A. to visit him, as he should.

We say go for it!  Why not?  She’s dated that loser with the fake accent who used her to get his no talent having band on TV.  Leo cannot be any worse than that!  If you ask me, she’s better looking than the others he’s dated anyway.  She’s tall, blond, beautiful, seems genuine and she’s intelligent!  They might be just what the other needs!

Whitney, the question should not be if, but when, will you move to be closer to that man!! 

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Real Housewives of Atlanta: S2 Episode 12

Okay, ya’ll have been hypin us up on Twitter all night.  It’s finally on.  Here we go!

WHAT?  Sheree is meeting Kim for drinks?  Is she for real?  So the two of them are planning Kandi’s engagement party!  Kizzie’s new wig looks great…well great for her.  Lisa is Kandi’s actual friend, but they didn’t involve her in the planning?  This ain’t nothing but them kissing Kandi’s ass.  Sheree and that weave lookin like B Scott!

We love NeNe!  She is the only TRUE housewife on this show.  She’s with her Uncle Mel heading to Athens to meet with her ghost writer.  He’s an old school playa…always lookin’ like he’s going to church!  NeNe’s mama’s house is nice.  Ain’t no tellin’ what she was doing back in the day!  She mighta been running numbers and shit!

Here goes Sheree and her bald headed friend.  Thank gawd she cut that shag off in the back!  Sheree looks like He-Man in that dress.  She better hope her dresses look better on her models, as good as ugly clothes can look on a  model!  That Tanya might be gay.  Just sayin…

WAIT, did Sheree say that she and Dwight brainstormed and put their ideas together?  Sheree ain’t brainstormed nair idea!  Why are they actin like they don’t know what the fuck Dwight is capable of doing?  Ugh, that broad is a shit disturber.

Kandi obviously don’t spend money on clothes!  Her mother looks disgusted to be breathing the same air as AJ!  Kandi, what is agreeance?  You mean agreement, don’t you?  Her mama said out the gate “AJ has six children!”  “AJ, you got FO DIFFERENT BABY MAMAS!”  She is fucking hilarious.  I KNOW her money is her money…translation – nigga it ain’t fixin to be YOUR muthafuckin’ money!  We don’t give a damn.  Kandi is her child, period!  She’s always gonna look out for her.  She don’t give a damn about AJ, God rest his soul, and she didn’t have to.  He was not her responsibility!  Oh my God…CHILD SUPPORT GNR!!!  Wooo Lord have mercy that woman is a cold piece of work…and we love it.

Derek J just arrived at Kizzie’s house, took one look at her and said “what the hell are you wearing”?  She LOOKS like a mistress in that house coat!  That looks like the same fucking wig she just had on a minute ago!  Kim is a damn liar.  She is not spending that kind of money on hair each month.  Clothes, jewelry and shit, maybe, but not no damn synthetic hair!

Lisa and Ed look good together!  OMG her geos Kandi’s mother again!  “I’ve never seen so many children in my life!”  She hated that nigga, straight up and down!  Couldn’t stand him.  And Dwight ain’t making it better co-signing.  Poor Kandi can’t dress to save her life, looking like a southern Cleopatra.  Okay Kim, NeNe’s not even there.  WHY are you talking about her?  If her energy is so bad, then why even bring her up at this “positive” engagement party? 

Did ya’ll see her mama lookin like Kandi’s gonna have to pay for that fucking honeymoon!  She couldn’t even wish AJ well.  She hopes it works out for Kandi!  This episode is giving us everything tonight!

NeNe did not say Curtis bought her first bomber jacket!  She was for real, too.  Loves it.

Dwight Eubanks is too many things!  He said Sheree is about a year behind and “obviously needs help”!  Did ya’ll hear him inspect her clothing?  “Hmmm!  Hmmm?  Hmmm@@”  We love him!

Aww shit, NeNe is not thrilled that she might be getting ready to meet her dad like this.  OMG did ya’ll see this man with sweats on and a headband looking like a Harlem Globetrotter?  Wow, what do you even say to about this?  We really feel for NeNe.  Hopefully she’ll get all of the answers that she’s long since deserved! 

Next week is the finale.  What did everyone think about tonight’s episode?

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Khloe’s Prenup Demands…

Even though Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom (Khlomar) recently shot their fake wedding for E! married, they still have not signed a prenup.  Translation – they ain’t legally married or else it would be a postnup.

Anyway, Khloe and her pimpin ass mama has laid out a few demands that she wants met in the prenup that include:

their new house, $25,000 per month for alimony, $5,000 per month for shopping, $1,000 per month for beauty care, a new car at the end of every lease cycle, $7,000 a month for coke, $9,000 for food and courtside Lakers tickets for her entire family

Ain’t that a bitch!  Who does this bitch think she is?  That is why this sham of a marriage is going to last even less time than we originally thought!  Everyone talked shit about Kelis being a gold digger for wanting $55,000/month from Nas!  Why aren’t people, bloggers included, not talkin that same shit about Khloe’s ass?  Get the fuck outta here.  If that ain’t some gold digger shit, I don’t know what is.  This bitch doesn’t even have one of his kids!

She and her groupie ass sisters are supposed to be such boss bitches, why can’t they get courtside seats on their own?  They really need their half sister’s pussy to get them some damn tickets?

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Balloon Boy Bullshit…

Everyone in America was glued to their TVs today watching an oversized Jiffy Popcorn bag fly the friendly skies in Colorado.  The irony of his name being Falcon should keep late night talk show hosts full of jokes for at least a week!

As we all know, the boy was not in the hot air balloon.  He was hiding in the attic of the house in a cardboard box.  The family was already on Wife Swap showcasing their love of storm chasing and other bullshit like that!  I guess the scientist daddy’s ideas didn’t blow up after the show.  So he and his wife came up with a new plan.  Let’s hide Falcon in the attic, send the hot air balloon up and have muthafuckas tryna buy my prototype!  Watch what we tell you.  This was all part of their master plan!

They need to put these crazy ass people in JAIL for wasting tax payers money and law enforcement’s time!  Even the FAA was involved in this shit!  They betta have to repay every last dolla!  If the runaway bride had to, then so should they!  And for the love of Pete, take those kids away from these lunatics!

Update:  Here’s the video of this little boy saying he did it for the show!  We knew it!

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Lil Wayne Confirms 4th Out of Wedlock Child

As if we all didn’t know, Lil Wayne confirmed that Nivea is pregnant with his child!  In case you’ve lost count, this is his 4th.

Groupie Actress Lauren London JUST gave birth to this ugly nigga’s baby a few weeks ago…you know, in a enough time to be a bridesmaid at Khlomar’s wedding@@

WHO IS STILL HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX IN 2009…and with Lil Wayne at that?

I know this is a recession, but women, we gotta do better!  Ain’t no gay man’s money or fame worth that!  Strap up and choose wisely!  You don’t know what a muthafucka carrying around and I don’t mean in their wallet!

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