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The Govan Gold Diggers…

Well it looks like Shaq has fallen into the trap of yet another notorious “where dem dollas at” bay area broad!  Shaq has been playing house with none other than Oakland native and Gilbert Arenas’ baby mama (who’s sister is also Matt Barnes’ fiancée) Laura Govan


Yes, Laura has 2 children and one on the way with Wizards Star Arenas.  Her little sister, Gloria, has twin boys with her fiancée and Phoenix Suns star, Matt Barnes.  It looks like since 2002, Laura has been creeping with Shaq!  And she and Shaunie used to be friends!  Whew!  I’m exhausted just writing this mess!! 

Let me make this absolutely clear…Yes, the Govan sisters are obviously true to the game gold diggers, but I’m not mad at them ONE BIT!  Get yo money!  If these dumb ass fools want to keep having babies and creeping with these broads they get what they deserve! 

And please do not feel sorry for Shaunie O’neal.  Reports are saying that she may be receiving close to $450 million in this impending divorce settlement.  These ladies are just doing what Northern Cali females do best….GETTIN THAT DOUGH!  

Tameka Raymond – Oakland


Dee Dee Abdur-Rahim – Oakland


 Shikiri Hightower-Johnson – Berkeley


Joumana Kidd – Oakland


Shaunie O’Neal – Sacramento


 …just to name  few!  I’m sure we will all be waiting to see who the baby Laura is having will look!

…Hollywood…in a minute

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Comments on: "The Govan Gold Diggers…" (10)

  1. Ha! For once u guys are not being haters! Yeah I have heard that aint no groupies like Bay Area groupies. But Dee-Dee and Tameka are the exception I think they both are very active in the community and were doing well for themselves b4 they married “up”

  2. @Cali gurl – Dayum, how you gone try to carry us like that? We ain’t haters. We give it up to fly bitches ALL the time on our blog…that’s why you keep reading LOL! For real though, groupies or not, all these broads aren’t at fault. Niggas get what they deserve and Shaq knew what he was getting into. When her baby comes out lookin’ like a black ass, big head nigga w/an S on his chest, don’t say we didn’t call it LMAO! – Vine

  3. @Cali – As far as Tameka and Dee Dee are concerned, we agree…and I know I speak for Hollywood. We’ve said as much about Tameka in particular. Those two have BEEN doing their thing before getting married to those two ballers. How can anyone hate? – V

  4. Sacramento is NOT the Bay! =)

  5. lmao…..hella funny but let me keep it real 4 ya’ll that r haten the govan girls aint never been golddiggers….they dont need them niggas 2rely on….lol if u kno them u kno the truth…..n why act like usher ex is better cus she was a unknown stylist..so hate on hoes..cuz ur pussy couldnt get or keep a baller…..keep fuckin for free why others get paid lmao………im from east oakland and proud of it…..

  6. @Lala You got the fuckin’ point.

  7. Baddgyrl said:

    Funny how some lame ass east oakland bitch with nothing is kissing Gloria and Laura’s ass! LOL! I know both of them personally they been diggin and these 2 fools got caught up period! I remember Laura back at O-High chasin’ whatever d-boy that gave her tomboy ass the time of day!

  8. whackramento is definitely not the bay!!!!!!!

  9. Tamika’s old ass is a gold digger too. It’s obvious Gloria and Laura are both hood rats, but at least they’re smart hood rats. If your gonna give it up like they do, better get paid for it.
    Go Shaunie!! $450 million!! Not bad for a Sacramento chica! I love her.

  10. Lawwd have mercy! Things are crazy! I went to Oakland High with Laura and her hideously ugly brother. I was online yesterday when I saw that she was with and had kids with Gilbert Arenas. I can’t lie that was shock, because she was such a tomboy in school but when she did deal with someone it was the local drug dealer. Im not mad at that at all though because alot of ladys know that if he or any other player approached them they would jump for the chance. Her sister Gloria seems to be a very delusional retard who thinks people envy her and her ugly man. Im not going to say how I saw him a the chicken & waffle spot in Jack London Square with some other broad, it was the talk of the resturant! Perfect life huh?

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