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Dayum Tasia, are times that hard?  Allegedly, Fantasia is fucking a married father of 2 children.  He was selling mobile phones and evidently, she was buying…more than minutes! 

After their encounter, they allegedly boned twice in a hotel, which she know doubt paid for.  Then after 5 seconds of American Idol kitty, he left his wife and children to move into Fantasia’s kuntry mansion and travelled with her while she did the Color Purple!  Ummph ummmph ummmph!

We also just heard that she supposedly has his last name tattooed on her chest!  WHAT is wrong with her (if true)?  Surely having American Idol Winner in front of your name get can you dick from anywhere.  This bitch done reverted to married Metro PCS T-Mobile sales associates.  I won’t even discuss how she has a daughter who’s seeing this bullshit take place!  What would Mama Oprah have to say?

…Vine…in a minute

Comments on: "Fantasia…American Idol to Kuntry Mistress?" (2)

  1. No momma Oprah would not approve and neither does Wendy Williams. This is crazy but we don’t know how Class & his wife were getting along. It’s still all kinds of wrong. Adding insult to injury with that tatt on her chest all big and shit!!!!

  2. True, we don’t know. That’s why I said on Twitter that I won’t judge the situation at this point! That tat is as wrong as her hair in the photo above GNR! -V

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