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The Govan Gold Diggers…

Well it looks like Shaq has fallen into the trap of yet another notorious “where dem dollas at” bay area broad!  Shaq has been playing house with none other than Oakland native and Gilbert Arenas’ baby mama (who’s sister is also Matt Barnes’ fiancée) Laura Govan


Yes, Laura has 2 children and one on the way with Wizards Star Arenas.  Her little sister, Gloria, has twin boys with her fiancée and Phoenix Suns star, Matt Barnes.  It looks like since 2002, Laura has been creeping with Shaq!  And she and Shaunie used to be friends!  Whew!  I’m exhausted just writing this mess!! 

Let me make this absolutely clear…Yes, the Govan sisters are obviously true to the game gold diggers, but I’m not mad at them ONE BIT!  Get yo money!  If these dumb ass fools want to keep having babies and creeping with these broads they get what they deserve! 

And please do not feel sorry for Shaunie O’neal.  Reports are saying that she may be receiving close to $450 million in this impending divorce settlement.  These ladies are just doing what Northern Cali females do best….GETTIN THAT DOUGH!  

Tameka Raymond – Oakland


Dee Dee Abdur-Rahim – Oakland


 Shikiri Hightower-Johnson – Berkeley


Joumana Kidd – Oakland


Shaunie O’Neal – Sacramento


 …just to name  few!  I’m sure we will all be waiting to see who the baby Laura is having will look!

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Poor J Lo My Ass…


J Lo has been granted a temporary restraining order to keep her first victim husband, Ojani Noa, from telling it all!  Hopefully when the shit expires his attorneys will be able to make it happen.

Every blog and article on the net is talking about poor J Lo.  Not us!  J Lo is acting like such a damn victim, as usual.  But wasn’t she trying to convince us years ago that she and her life were an open book?  Did she suddenly forget about how dirty she did Ojani’s ass with that Pasadena restaurant?  She hired him to manage the place well after they divorced.  So obviously, the trust and friendship was there.  Then came Ben and all of a sudden Ojani was left high and dry.

For that alone he should be able to say what the hell he wants and make money off of it.  She took away his livelihood, he should put a dent in hers!

Team Ojani…

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Rihanna Speaks…


Rihanna is set to appear on Good Morning America this Thursday to tell it all!  ABC will then drag out the interview for ratings continue the interview on Friday during a 20/20 special.

I will believe that she’s going to spill her guts when I see it.  If she’s anything like her former flamer, Chris Brown, she’ll hardly tell the public anything.  My only hope is that after this Thursday and Friday‘s ratings bonanza, we won’t have to hear about this shit anymore!  Ya’ll have promoted your albums enough…let’s move on!

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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Dresses Up In BLACK FACE!!!!!


IsleibHalloweenIsleibHalloweenIIIsleibHalloweenIIIIsleibHalloweenIVFor some unknown reason Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Whitney Isleib (and her friend behind her) thought it would be funny to dress up in black face and attend a Halloween party!  Sorry, but there’s not shit funny about black face!  Some say she was dressed as Lil Wayne, but that doesn’t make it right!  Why did she need to paint herself to look black just to be Lil Wayne?  Totally unnecessary.  We see black women dressed as Playmates all the time for Halloween and they don’t paint themselves white even though we don’t typically grace the pages of that magazine!  What we see is some stereotypical, racist shit…gold teeth, dreads, a tattoo of a cross , some jewelry around her neck with a drink in her hand! 

What really gets us are her black homegirls in the pictures with her like nothing is wrong!  Fire this bitch!  She hardly represents what DCC is all about…

People were all up in arms about Kanye West taking a microphone from a little white girl, but this cunt dresses in black face and nobody has shit to say about it?  We demand that the Dallas Cowboys organization bench this fool and make her issue an apology to those who she’s offended!

…H & V…in a minute

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