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Rachel Uchitel’s Payday

If you haven’t been living under a rock or you’re messy like us, then you know one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses, Rachel Uchitel, had a press conference scheduled for today!  Well, bitch cancelled.  This has Gloria Allred written all over it.

Now word on the street is that Mr. Woods reached out to Rachel last night and offered to pay her off!  Didn’t we say that she’d have a book deal by Friday?  Well it’s Thursday and no way in hell did Gloria Alred let her accept an offer that wouldn’t pay her what a book and appearances would have…and then some! 

Tiger, next time you see a hot chick that you’d like to fuck, I’d suggest writing her a check instead.  It will cause you less grief and make you seem like a generous, nice guy!

…Vine…in a minute

Comments on: "Rachel Uchitel’s Payday" (2)

  1. C’mon Gloria, make this press conference happen! I hope he doesn’t pay her off to not say a thing. I want her to sooo badly air all his dirty laundry. Sounds like he is quite the sexter, hahaha which suprises me.

  2. I know, Glo is no fun! Does she not know that we want all that shit released? I have popcorn ready and errthang! Everyone got broken off in this mess…Tiger (by at least 3 women), Elin, Rachel, Jaimee and Gloria!

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