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Greedy Gretchen and Slade are in Scottsdale for a party!  How is Slade excited about marrying Gretchen and having 4 more kids when he can’t even take care of the kids he already has?  Sit your ass down without reversing your vasectomy and keep it moving!  Gretchen, enjoy this man, don’t marry him or have his kids!

Lord have mercy, Jeana has everyone in the house, even Matt!  Is she crazy?  That woman is too nice for her own good.  Having that toxic man in the house is only showing her sons who to treat women….and it ain’t like a princess!

Enters the new housewife, Alexis.  She and Jim have 2 twins and a 3-year-old son.  She looks good.  Not as good looking as Greedy Gretchen, but good.  The two of them seem to have a fun, loving relationship.

Jeana dropped by Vicki’s.  It’s funny that Vicki said Jeana stirs the pot when she is the QUEEN of kicking up shit!  You wait until Vicki needs a true friend.  I bet she’ll gain some sensitivity toward others then!

Back in AZ, Slade is acting like a douche who ain’t been anywhere before!  His shirts all unbuttoned lookin like a cat daddy, sort of, kissing Gretchen like that all in public!  It was just too damn much!  He’s so gross.  Remember back in Season 1 when he had money and looked good?  Now he just looks like an indie film director…..from Australia.

Alexis and Jim are at Tam’s for July 4th.  Alexis was killing it in that bikini while Tamra sat there staring at her with a muu muu on LOL!  When has Tamra ever walked around a pool without her bikini flashing that body she claims is so bangin?  Bitch was green with envy watching Alexis play in HER pool with her beautiful kids, husband who loves her, nanny on standby AND a 17 carat diamond ring! 

Greedy Gretchen and Alexis have evidently been friends for a year.  Good, Gretchen will get a break while Vicki and Tamra focus their hate on Alexis!

Kara, Shane hasn’t told a woman he loves her in 23 years of life cuz his ass don’t like women!!

Finally, the private party at La Perla…Lynne asked Alexis if she had a surrogate.  She looked at Lynne like BITCH, I had this rich man’s three babies and STILL look this good!  Overall, the whole party was a let down.  I thought some real shit was gonna pop off.

Notice that Jeana’s kids love coming home to see her?  Vicki has to pay her kids to spend time with her!  Just sayin.

Ooops, more La Perla.  Here comes Vicki talkin about she’s the only one who works in the crowd.  Please honey.  And the only reason that Tamra was nice to Gretchen is cuz she was puttin on a front in front of Alexis and Jeff, who’s friends with Simon!  Please believe it.

Looks like it’s the end of Jeana, for now.  I will truly miss her presence, but I’m glad she left on her terms!  Maybe when things stabilize for her, she’ll return! 

Do you guys think the show will be better or worse without Jeana?

…Vine…in a minute

Comments on: "Real Housewives of OC: S5 Episode 3" (1)

  1. I think Jeana will be better off without the show. She was just soooo not into all the drama anymore, she was just done. She looks like she wants to kick back, wear some flats and hang with her family. I can see why she took dinner with the kids over a tension filled evening at La Perla trying to keep up with the cat fights and the barbie-bodies.

    I’ll miss her, but I’m happy for her at the same time.

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